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Discussion in '2009 GTA Spano' started by 1812Sith, May 1, 2009.

  1. Limited to 99 the GTA Spano, seems to be another offspring of the ever increasing limited-edition supercars kind.
    To become more than a collectible item it needs something distinguishing, something that makes it stand out from the mass. Massive amounts of horsepower do not suffice. There are a few other supercars around that carry extreme (mostly unproven) figures. The design is appealing but I did not notice anything I had not seen anywhere else before. Track performance is yet unknown . From what is revealed by now I cannot find anything extraordinary in this car.
    To me, it is like a limited-edition luxury watch. An investment for the rich guy, not for the enthusiast.
  2. That is smoking hot!
  3. man i dont know what ur talkin about this car is awsome!
  4. man i dont know what ur talkin about this car is awsome!
  5. hey by the way... do u think u could call this an eclambarri kz1r? it looks like some crazy custom eclipse in the back, a ferrari and a lambo in the front,and almost a kz1r on th side. Finaly! The car that has it all!
  6. I totally agree with the first post. The car doesn't impress me at all... yet.
  7. It's nice but can it live up to those performance figures/
  8. So.... what did they do to this Viper V10? did the site just forget to mention forced induction? or did they tune the hell out of the old Viper engine?
  9. The front, lateral and top views look fantastic. I read above that said it looks like Ferrari, corvette, Bugati, etc.. but in these days it's very hard to get a design completely new with out being too strange.
    About the back I didn't like it at first sight but when I saw the videos in youtube I like it much more.
    I expected more from the interior design but it's a pure engineering company build in GTA & Formula competition. So the technological level is very high with lot of new patents that for sure will see soon in new models but unfortunately the interior is not at the luxury level of other brands (I hope it's comfortable).
    Another thing to mention is the driving behavior which is very smooth for this kind of cars, many of sport cars I tested are very uncomfortable driving also the seats aren't great for your back.
    I would love to test this one.

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