another disappointing Ferrari

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  1. looks bad
    quite heavy for a 80's car

    Hopefully Ferrai had the GTO at the same time
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    how can u say that this is dissipointing this car saved ferrari. they needed a cheaper car to boost sales for them. they had the f40 out at the time for the more expensive and faster ferrari's. and it is not that heavy just a bit over 3000 lbs thats pretty good. ferrari can easily built a screamer like the f40 but they want more sales so they can build those cars. this was for like i said before people that can t afford a $500,000 ferrari.
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    What's the 'cheapest' Ferrari nowadays?
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    NEW: Probably a 360 Challenge car; $180,000+

    The current market prices for their current production cars are as follows:

    1. 2001 Ferrari F550 Barchetta Pininfarina....$325-385,000.00
    2. 2002 Ferrari F456GTA or GTM................$240-245,000.00
    3. 2002 Ferrari F575M Maranello...............$235-245,000.00
    4. 2002 Ferrari F360 Modena...................$190-200,000.00
    5. 2002 Ferrari F360 Spyder...................$220-225,000.00
    6. 2001 Ferrari F360 Challenge................$180-185,000.00
    7. 2002 Ferrari Enzo..........................$600,000.00+
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    The Mondial goes for about $25,000 to $40,000 today. Not nearly as valueable as most other Ferraris.
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    True. Actually, the cheapest Ferrari I've ever seen offered was a Dino 308 GT/4 (The worst and ugliest ones ever made). It was being sold for a mere $19,500. I think that price is typical among all the 308 GT/4's.
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    It looks a bit like a stripped Testarossa. I don't think it's ugly. I wouldn't mind if one gave it to me, but I would not buy it. For 30000 Euro's there's so much nice to buy...
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    Guys, I currently have a pearl white 348tb, and had an 88tr in the 90's, but right now I am dreaming of a mondial, because it was the car I wanted in highschool.

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    The worst Ferrari was the 208. It had only 155 hp.
  11. I just rode in a Mondial 3.2 today. Not the fastest Ferrari, but still had some go to it and sounded great! I agree with those who say it's a good car to have if you can't afford a 6 figure car. Plus, the service job does not require the engine to be removed from the car to change the belts. That makes it one of the easier, less expensive Ferrari's to service.


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