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Discussion in '1995 Ferrari FX' started by Nick D, Oct 10, 2006.

  1. Here's some leaked pics from Brunei
  2. The front looks some mixture of an EB110 and a Camaro but the back is beautiful, it has typical Ferrari styling elements, the front lacks them mostly.
  3. now i can see where the fxx was born from. fit for a billionaire they say. i love the styling except for the front "camaro" styling. it's kind of odd. it goes to show that no ferrari is born from scratch. i prefer the red one over the royal blue one. the red interior is amazing!
  4. i agree with ElStiesen
  5. is it me or does the rear of this car look frighteningly similar to the '65 Corvette Mako Shark II concept?????
  6. the FXX was "born" from the enzo, stupid.

  7. lol.

  8. hawt pics
  9. I think it was rushed too soon after the p4/5. Nice car in red though.
  10. Yeah the front really reminds of the bugatti...
  11. The design has some striking elements, and is a daring interpretation of the F512/Testarossa's looks. I'd have to say I prefer the original. What I find interesting is the interior layout; it's very similar to what Ferrari would soon do with their production models with the F1 sequential gearbox: the paddles behind the steering wheel, and the little aluminum stick on the console, presumably for reverse. Also curious is that the Sultan had to take the cars to Williams for fitment of the transmissions. Surely it would have been easier to install one from Ferrari's stash? They probably didn't want the technology finding its way into the wrong hands; even a client who is royalty would be a risk. Williams, on the other hand, probably didn't mind some extra cash flow from a very wealthy customer.
  12. I expected better out of Ferrari, no offense to Ferrari Fanitics, i'm just not used to Ferraris like this. 445 is realy low for a ferrari.

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