another good RUF

Discussion in '1993 Ruf BTR 3.8' started by deuginthesky, Aug 9, 2002.

  1. This is how I prefer the 911 , it looks much more like the olds 911.

    As always , RUF did an excellent work on the 911.
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    No man, 993 rules!<!-- Signature -->
  3. where are the posts?

    i have no idea why there are only a few posts for this car, it has the stats equal to some of the mostrecognized supercars on this website, and yet i can count the forums for it on my fingers, why do people not pay attention to greats cars like this?<!-- Signature -->
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    So this RUF company is a Porsche modifier, right?

    Please Reply
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    Speed, yes it is.
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    very sweet! looks like this Porsche is a little underappreciated in here, this car could probably keep up with most of today's supercars, and looks hella fun to drive.
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    Yes. RUF does an excellent job in modifying Porsches.
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    here is a real mad one!!!! Its modified in sweden it has moore than 950 NM torque.

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