Another Toyota recall

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  1. Toyota is recalling approximately 420,000 vehicles becuase of engine related problems. 3 models, including Corolla.
  2. Proofism? What's the cause and severity?
  3. Toyota are supposed to be good quality, no?
  4. Yes, they are.
  5. Impossible, japanese cars are the best.
  6. engine problem? corolla? yep, the car is so slow that toyota needs to recall it to give it more power.
  7. what exacitly is wrong with them?
  8. what does toyota make that isnt slow?
  9. IS350, GS400.
  10. odds of you finding those on a TOYOTA showroom are 0%, odds of finding them on a Lexus showroom 100%....yes i see the point you are making, but for the most partk the Toyota lineup, once again is lacking excitment.
  11. I agree. Toyotas have become boring, they GMized their bread and butter lineup.
  12. perhaps. however most of GM's cars have a "hot" version. I am not going to argue for or against them being good, but atleast they are there.
  13. The new V6 Camry's certainly have some kick. I wouldn't call those slow.
  14. omg PRIUS?!
  15. It's not supposed to be a fast car.

    When will people realise that a car doesn't have to be fast to be good?!
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    420k MY2001 cars (268k in Japan)

    Corolla, Vitz, Platz, Echo and Prius are named specifically, but it says up to 12 models total.

    "A faulty engine part could lead to an oil leak in the engine and cause it to stop, the statement said. There have been no accidents blamed on the fault, according to Toyota."
  17. So how many recalls have they had this year?? And honda and nissan are close behind. But it is a japanese product so the recalls don't count against them.
  18. Bitter?
  19. The Bitter Truth lol
  20. Hasn't the current design Corolla had recalls before?

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