any advice for fasting?

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  1. within the next week or two i'm going to go on a fast to try to lose the rest of my gut. anybody have any advice on particular fasts that are easy and healthy?
  2. juice is actually pretty easy

    it requires buying a juicer though
  3. Isn't fasting pretty much the worst way to lose weight?
  4. oh i thought thread title was 'fisting'

    sorry cannot help you
  5. have fun with potentially irreversible damage to your body
  6. or just do a raw vegan diet

    eat raw fruit and vegetables all day long
  7. Just do something active
  8. A fast isn't really going to do much. It can actually cause you to gain weight in the long run, if you don't do it right.
  9. You will put all the weight back on within a week, better off exercising
  10. i have advice for fasting: don't do it.

    also, stop being so vein, what are you? a woman?
    to not be a fatass just dont eat crap and exercise a little, even if its just cycling to work or something
  11. i do exercise and eat healthy. last time i had only liquids for a sustained period of time i lost 30 pounds and i have maintained that so i figured it wouldnt be a bad idea to just do that again to lose the rest. im not a fatass im 5'10 166, but id like to get a little leaner. i have downloaded the insanity program so i might just give that a go instead.
  12. juice, broth, and suppliments. I've done it, it only works if you're willing to ease back into food and ease off of it. that means it isn't a "oh i'll just fast today" thing. I'd suggest taking 5 days to fast once.

    edit: and absolutely no alco or caffiene
  13. what about raw egg and raw meat?
  14. tuna, chicken breast, stir fried vegetables, cheese,
  15. Don't fast, it's #$%#ing stupid.

    Eat Paleo, around 1800-2000 calories/ day and do Tabata style cardio 4 days a week.
  16. Don't fast
    When you eat again you will go over board.
    Eat right and exercise
    Eggs, grilled chicken
    Aim for high protein, low carb
    Fasting lowers your metabolism dramatically so it is really hard to lose weight that way
    Really time inefficient
  17. i lost a lot of weight almost entire from "fasting"/dieting. I barely worked out, I just didn't eat lol

    low caloric intake works wonders for weight loss, not sure what all you n00bs are talking about, but ya...
  18. It will make you lose weight, but it's horrible for your body.
  19. so is being fat doe
  20. Being fat, while eating a healthy diet (but enough that you aren't losing weight) is surprisingly not terribly unhealthy. If you get really heavy it starts to stress your bones joint and organs though.
  21. have you really kept it off consistently?
    I'm not saying don't lower your calorie intake, just dont cut it to nothing
  22. you seen those african kids? they dont eat hardly anything and still have that big ass belly

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