Any american can confirm if this is real?

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  1. terrifying
  2. Internet is fucked up, as well as this fatso
  3. What happens?
  4. That's seriously fucked. And I hope it's some kind of hoax or prank.
  5. Seems it's fake. Local police have said there's no connection between him and the missing girl.
  6. That's too bad. Would've been amazing if they found the girl back.
  7. she ded
  8. Even if it's a hoax/prank, that's really fucked up. Guy needs help.
  9. [​IMG]
  10. TL;DR anyone?
  11. Fat guy makes video on youtube 7 years ago for another guy. Video went unnoticed until now. The guy talks about having a new gf. Said he took her to the mall, tried out new clothes, new necklace etc. Guy talks a bit weird about this "gf" but nothing out of the ordinary yet. Then he asks if he wants to see her. Goes down to basement, and a teenage girl is tied up and gagged in a small dungeon like room and screams "why are you doing this to me" and then the screen goes black
  12. Says it's fake in the link.
  13. I read up on those 3 guys 1 hammer kids. Those people need to be euthanized. There is no rehabilitating them. They are as bat shit crazy as you can get.
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  14. Yeah it just updated.
  15. Is that the one in romania or something where they wait for some guy on a bicycle comes around and they torture him?
  16. Don't post reddit links here. Esp might show up and that's not something this site can afford at this moment.
  17. Ukraine. They murdered a bunch, that was just the one video that was leaked.
  18. id like him to be mod
    we could use a little law and order around here to make this site great again
  19. Pfff, they'd be great politicians or CEOs.
  20. Bill Clinton doesn't want you guys sharing this.

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