any of you live in LA ?

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Paul91785, Feb 15, 2012.

  1. I was in LA for a bit. I'm back in Detroit now though.
  2. It is a village.
  3. i get enough of that from my irl mates anyway
  4. i want to hang out with ging to prove that americans can be cool
    i also want to do a day in the life of Randy
  5. oh the things you could stand next to!
  6. i would stand next to somewhere food
    then i would stand next to the Embarkadero
    then i would stand next to cool car
    then i would stand next to Giants baseball stadium

  7. giats are in sf and you will never stand next
  8. He could stand next to the analheim angels
  9. I'll give Paul a tour of Oaktown.
  10. Not sure who Paul is. But you can give me a holler when u are in L.A.
  11. holler for a dollar.
  12. Helll yes
  13. i'll hang out with Remi
  14. Take picture of him lifting you
    You should plank on his shoulders

    Those broad broad shoulders
  15. Try out those Apollo axles.
  16. I'm only two hours away.
  17. lol this would actually be pretty hilarious. some WWE Gorilla press or something
  18. how much does this Paul fellow weigh? As long as he isnt over 250lbs I think I can manage it (if he is comfortable with it).
  19. explode him off your back too, that'd be so awesome
  20. You know that really happened. It just sounds more exciting than it was.
  21. Is remington still unemployed
  22. Nay
  23. You seem more happy
  24. interesting. I never knew my feelings got through my posts.
  25. Im actually workin at some shop temporarily, only because I need the $ for bills and credit card debt. It is like 45 hrs a week for cheap pay So I'm not really that happy right now, but I cant complain. At least I have some sort of work, my strength, a home and freinds and family.

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