Any of you that work with clients/customers

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  1. When you have a client/customer at the end of the day that gives you a headache, do you take the anger it gives you home with you?

    I get like 40 calls a day and there always someone who's pissed at you, usually not for the right reasons, but that beside. During the morning or during the day it's not really a problem for me. But at the end at the day, a last client will make my blood boil if he gets pissed at me and i take it home with me. really annoys me. Someone called me at 5pm today and took me 30 minutes to finish the damn call. She was pissed at me for something she did wrong. Ugh, people.

  2. I can work from home so I leave the anger in my office... and to be honest, I don't get stressed/angry at business-stuff anymore. I got better things to do.
  3. what's worst is people who use calls for chi-chat and casual talk about the weather, cars or anything else not related to work.

  4. haha, i actually enjoy that sometimes.
  5. Customers stress me out from time to time, but when my work day ends I dust my hands of all that crap and have a nice relaxing evening at home.

    Life is too short to let work shit affect my home life.
  6. I can go for weeks without talking on the phone and I love it. However, I often think how to solve various problems when I'm at home, so I mentally take work home with me.
  7. I also have a time wasting rule:

    when I started working, I used to wait 10min before I drop a conf call where the customer was not coming. Now, after 5 years, it has dropped to 5min.
  8. I've started doing vector storyboards for these two ladies
    they're very cute
    no way they could make me angry
  9. thankfully i deal internally 99% of the time
    when i have to deal with people outside the company they try their best to impress
  10. i wouldn't get angry with cute girls either. however it's usually parents who get angry, who call for their kids to deal with stuff. usually i can't help them, because they're not authorized. they get pissed off lol
  11. Ours like to change things at the last minute. Usually this means considerable extra time and work on location to satisfy the whims of some desk-jockey with curiosity and a corporation's checkbook.

    Oh, we decided to drill an extra 500 feet while you were en route. Enjoy those extra two days out there in hell's half acre while I sit behind a desk and ignore phone calls.


    We decided we want you to bag those samples for us when you're done with them, because paying you $1000 per day just isn't enough. We want our geologists to earn twice as much as you to tell us the same things you're gonna tell us.


    We need you to send midnight reports to our field-men. Yes, they're on the mailing list for the 6am reports we're still gonna make you do, but we want redundant information sent out in a second report, and not even at a sensible 12-hour interval, either.
  12. no i just yell at them until they leave then I go home.
  13. Good thing I don't have to deal with clients most of the time.
  14. I wish i could do that.
  15. proper lol @ this because I genuinely believe you.
  16. You must be new
  17. Usually right when I come into work there is someone super pissed on the phone because of something day shift did. they log out early so they dont have to talk to them, so when I log in it is one of the first calls I get. Usually a pissed off Iranian asking me where the #$%# his gasoline delivery is and why its late.
  18. Day shift is probably pissed about something the deadbeat night shift did
  19. I interact with a lot of annoying/infuriating/downright unpleasant customers at work, but aside from trading some of the more ridiculous stories with co-workers over drinks, I don't even think about them outside of work. I do, however, spend a fair amount of time outside of work thinking about what I need to do next time I'm at work.
  20. This applies to me as well
  21. You finished work at 5, no?

    Next time, you do this:

    -If you get a call 1 minute before you finish working, don't #$%#ing answer! That's what I do.
    -If you have no choice but to answer, you tell the customer that at five you're gone and hang up on him/her

    Also, never ever bring your job problems at home. Leave them at work. You don't need to have the rest of your day spoiled by a jackass on the phone. Life is to short, enjoy it when you can.
  22. Just always remember... you don't get paid enough to get mad. It's not your company, it's not your problem. Letting some dopey customer get you agitated is pointless and does nothing to improve the quality of your life. If someone gets out of order, just quote them some process jargon, or read them a pre-manufactured speech about quality assurance or something like that.
  23. Yes, but I just take it out on my girls vajayjay when I get home
  24. wish i could destress within a minute
  25. He a question for some of you...any of you actually care about the result of what happens?

    For example, I'm trying to start a online business, we have been having a amazing amount of business from locals(we sell auto parts for American and German cars in Brazil).

    Day in the out we have good customers and idiot customers(no such thing as a bad customer).

    Theres those people who will love you no matter how much you mistreat them or do them wrong(RARE).

    There is those people who will lie, be assholes, try to downshit you as if they are the big guy and your a lowly salesman(they dont know I am the owner when I take the phone to talk to a customer).

    For instance, I had a guy make a payment on the purchase on 09/04, I told him we had ONE part left in stock of what he wanted, he never returned contact. On 09/20 he makes a Deposit into our account, we did'nt hear about it. Yesterday he calls up, saying he made a purchased 40 days ago and has'nt received anything...I was like WAAAAAAHHHHHH. Crazy.

    To add to that, my wife helps me out with the general administration so we end up fighting at home because of things we did at work. Or either we will be pissed about something at work she or I did and will have no patience for little incoviniences during our time together off work. Eventually we learned to deal with this...

    Anyways, I wish I could treat the idiot customers like shit but I can't. I would love to tought.

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