anybody got top speed?

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  1. all the stats, especially top speed im lookin 4 it
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    1/4 mile - low 13's
    0-60 - 5 seconds
    Top speed - 150...? Not really sure?
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    I say about 165-170
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    I do not know how to say this other than thats #$%#ing crazy. This car is basically a GT with a shitty intake and stronger supercharger that delivers 40 more horse than the GT. This running 150? I cant help it but there is no way the mustangs pretty much suck. Even the 67 shelby yeah it was on that movie but in real life it sucked. It was a special edition stang that could be beaten by the normal dodge or chevy sports cars.Anyways Mach 1 means they need money thats why its a limited offer it sucks.
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    Why the f^ck do you morons even post when you HAVE NO F^CKING CLUE about what the hell you are talking about?!? Did you stop your education around 2nd grade perhaps? Maybe you fell and injured your head at some point in your life, or maybe you're just a moron like so many of the other people on this board. Whatever the case you don't know one thing about this car, so why make yourself out to look like such a tool?
    Basically a A gt with tons more torque and hp (because it has a different engine then the GT), better suspension, updated interior, updated exterior, etc...
    The GT can hit around 140mph...why don't you think this car could hit another 10mph with more then 40 extra hp? Oh that's right because you're an idiot.
    And saying the Shelby god you really are retarded...are you boredup with a different screen name?
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    Re: anybody got top speed?

    Actually, if you look at his writing is pretty easy to tell that this guy and I are not one and the same.

    Although, with your poor use of the english language and no other excise to express your thoughts than calling others names....I wouldn't expect you to be able to tell the difference.

    Mach 1....big deal....another Mustang. Another Ford to be owned by cheaper, faster cars. If they're so great, why are there still 12 of them sitting at the local Ford Dealer? Try to find an Evo.....

    By the way....FACTS

    C&D managed 151 MPH in their Dec 2002 test of the car.

    As for quarter....not even Mustang Monthly could get low 13's with the Mach 1. They merely said the "heard" it could be done....what a load.

    A Mustang, self proclaimed built for straight line speed, that retails for 1000 dollars more than an EVO (built for track) which easily outrun's it in the quarter (MotorTrend...MOTORTREND for God's sake, ran a 13.1 quarter in the EVO....let me see a stock Mach 1 do that in an unbiased magazine. So sad.
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    lol low 13s? i think not bro.. this thing cant even beat a v6 350z or a stock Camaro SS... get your numbers right lol 0-60 5secs hahah sure.
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    I'll say it again moron, where do you retards come from? Even Motor Trend has gotten very low 13's out of thins car (13.2 I think it was). It's fast, as fast or faster then the Camaro ss, and a hell of a lot faster then the 350z idiot.
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    low 13's im afriad so bro, high 12's with drag radials. with the shaker scoop the car makes right around 340hp at the end of the track.
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    what a retard, this car is not supercharged why would you say something like that. I just dont get it some people just dont know a hole hell of a lot about cars. WHY DO YOU OPEN YOUR MOUTH
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    I would say the car does roughly 150 or so with the 3:55 gears they put in it. The 1/4 miles low 13's all day with the right driver
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    how smart of you to point out both the mach 1 and the gt have blowers. they are c o m p l e t l y diferant engines. and now you run on to diss a shelby...
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    Re: anybody got top speed?

    The thing right now is that people need to do more research before posting on the forums. Your entitled to your opinions, but purely hating other cars is getting stupid. People say that car sucks, and have little or no strong evidence to back it up.

    The 2003 Mach 1 speedometer goes up to 150, as seen in the picture

    Claims have also been made that the Mach 1 is underrated in hp and torque

    try out and look around

    Finally, the 67 Shelby was the car to have back in the day. There was nothing like. The use of normal dodge and chevy cars is not right. A few of their cars could compare to it, but normal is not the right term to use.

    Also the Mach 1 does do low 13's, 12's and 11's, well actually the 11's and 12's were not stock, but stock mach 1's did low 13's

    proof at

    mustang fans can thank me later

    In my opinion, the Mach 1 was sold to sell to people that want more than the GT but can't afford a SVT. Its a selling strategy to advertise to all classes of customers. If they were short on dough, they would be cutting it and the 2004 Mach 1 wouldn't be known.

    The Evo is a good car. Its got looks and performance. I like it, but I also like the Mach 1 because of its additions and its past. The shaker hood looks cool with the black stripes. I'd rather have a V8, because it sounds so much better. I am so tired of hearing stock cars with exhaust systems making such annoying noise when they don't really have anything under the hood. If your gonna be loud, as least have a car worth it. The Evo is a cool car I would take it, but after the Mach 1, thats my opinion though.

    Whoever said its got a bad intake and supercharger is wrong. It doesn't have a supercharger. Only SVT's and modded cars have forced induction

    "There is no replacement for displacment"

    Now if we could get that in the mustang, the mustang would be set
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    Re: anybody got top speed?

    I love how everyone is saying get the numbers right. For the record the Mach 1 is underrated for horse power. This supercars page has it listed at 300 hp, while the 2004 Ford is REALLY rated at 310 HP and 335 lb-ft of torque, yet actual dyno runs have come up with 320 HP and 350 lb-ft of torque at the flywheel.. STOCK. Don't ever say a 350z will beat it. That is just retarded. A 350z usually runs 14 flat, while a super driver can pull off a 13.7. Mach 1's average 13.3 and good drivers have pulled off 12.9's completely stock. With drag radials they've managed 12.8's. Evo beat a mach? you kidding me? with only 270 hp? Yeah, they'd win the hole shot with their All Wheel Drive, but the Mach would run it down by the quarter. I know this because I've done it! I lost to an STi at the track only because of my Reaction Time. My Elapsed Time was a tenth lower. For the record the Mustang GT has a 4.6 Single Over Head Cam while the Mach has a 4.6 Dual Over Head Cam engine. It's very similiar to the '99 Cobra engines only it has a better intake system (obviously), better heads, better crank, a LOT better cams. So it's faster than the '99 Cobra.
    The Mach is also the only Mustang with a Cobra based engine to have a live axle instead of an Independant Rear Suspension. This gives it a hell of a lot better launch with no wheel hop. I refrained from using any abbreviations in this post (like IRS, AWD, SOHC, DOHC, R/T, etc,.) because everyone here seems to be kids who don't know crap about racing or at least don't do their homework before they make a comment on a new car. Also, my Mach 1 is still stock (only had it a month) and I ran a 13.4 and this is my first stick shift so I'm not what you'd call an expert driver. Don't comment before you do your homework. Good day
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    the top speed is limited to 151mph... i test drove one at the ford dealership. if i had a couple more porsches and an sti i would buy one. it has a lot of pull.... a lot!
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    "Although, with your poor use of the english language and no other excise to express your thoughts than calling others names....I wouldn't expect you to be able to tell the difference."

    First of all stop pretending to be a genious. your really not as smart as you think you are.

    second of all.

    "Mach 1....big deal....another Mustang. Another Ford to be owned by cheaper, faster cars. If they're so great, why are there still 12 of them sitting at the local Ford Dealer? Try to find an Evo....."

    Ford makes cars to make a profit. Now that might be hard to understand but listen to make money you need to price your cars differently, because every person has a diff amount of money they plan on spending on a car. & since a mustang is a "legend" ppl want one just to say they have one that's why they make crappy v6s for the poor, the GT's for someone willing to spend a little more money (althouh i will admit a gt is the worst american muscle car ever) the mach 1 is a collectors item (or so they say) and the cobra is the pride and joy that represents the mustangs....... I don't know what the hell the mach 1 is rated for but i'm sure it's prob. 13.4 or something like that

    Next seeing how my friend owns an 03 cobra, another one of my friends owns an 03 sti, and a few other ppl that we hang out with, that i'm not personally friends with but i know them and they have evo lancers. They have all took their cars to the track and lined them up i will tell you that the magazine postings don't hold up very well, the sti being the slowest of the 3, then the evos and then the cobra..... from the 2 times i've went up with my friends just to see them run each other the cobra beat out the sti both nights (the second time we went up the sti was modded, the cobra was still stock), in the 1/4th of the those two times the second time around we had two ppl bring their lancers, both ran a 13.2s stock all night long.... while the sti ran a 13.3s and the second time around modded his car and only ran a 13.1 the cobra on his first night ran a best of 13.05 but was doing crappy 13.3s and 13.2s most of the night and his second night was running 12.8s and 12.9s he had to keep slipping his clutch to get the best times instead of dropping it like he started out his first time around.

    also one last thing, there are 12 mustangs @ your ford dealership huh? how many of them are actually a cobra or a mach 1. Doubt if it's more then 2. The v6 blow and are not worth buying,(no base model of anycar that's worth under 20K is worth it though) and the gts are the worst v8s (stock) made. i will be the first to admit for the money the evo is top 3 that money can buy.. maybe even #1.... but putting out 18 psi of boost, haveing a very high final gear ratio... (something like 4.1 to 1) it doesn't leave a lot of room for potential (same for the sti but the sti puts out less boost)... but a great stock car none the less.
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    r u stupid i have a mach 1 and by chance happening by buddy dave had a nissan 350 z, tight car, but had his ass handed to him on a silver platter by the mach. So theres your answer for that one. As far as an SS goes if you dont think that a mach 1 would run head to head with it having an outcome of the better driver winning youre definately out of your element. By the way my buddy just sold his 350 z for a GT which is also faster than the Z with its 16v engine. Moral of the story, dont be stupid.
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    If you don't mind me asking who the hell are you talking to?
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    i have a gt and they are not the "worst v8 ever" its a 94' when they had a 5.0 H.O. was cheap and fairly fast. the thing about it they have kits to put on it that make them faster than the mach 1, they were a car to be bought and modded for cheap. most likely the best buy ive ever seen. i got my car for 5 grand and with 5 grand more it could be an 11 second car easily. i know this because i asked a guy about his mustang at the drags and it was a 95 (same engine) he said he had 3 grand in it without a supercharger and it ran mid 12's.
  20. Re:

    5 grand for 11's? possible but for how long? with more power comes stronger parts so in the long run it would cost well over 5K to have a consistant 11 sec ride. not tryin to bust ur balls haha, just warning u.
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    Wow, are you like the only smart person here. YEs your stats are right, it does 0-60 in 5.2 and 1/4 in 13.2 like you said, I think the top speed is electronically limited to 155mph, but it could go faster w/o the speed being limited. The Cobra shuts off at 140MPh, and the GT like 145 or something.
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  23. Ok I thought we were looking for top speed of the 2003-2004 Mach 1 not who's car is faster in the quarter. I happened to own a 2003 Mach 1, every thing is factory except the sound system that added an extra 10lbs. with the tripodometer set to read speed I have had the car up to 152 mph and still climbing ask the Hi-po I smoked. The rev were at about 6 grand and as most of us Mach 1 owners know red line is at 6800. Rev limiter starts a little after. I know I've over reved it a few times racing. If ford has a speed limiter in the CPU script I have not found it yet I think they may have limited top speed by the rev limiter. I'm 100% sure that the car would reach the 155 mph posted by ford and if I get another chance at it I will try to crack it.

    The End
    Have a nice day

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