Anybody know anything about Suzuki cars?

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by DeanO, Oct 12, 2004.

  1. Im looking at a Suzuki XL-7 . I just dont know much about the company. Are they independant? Any info would be helpful. Thanks
  2. their back differential and drivingshaft cost more than every other SUV on the market, according to a bullshitting father of my friend.
  3. They are anemic, boring, and somewhat practical. Suzuki cars are a GM offshot, I think.

    For future refference almost any information can be found on the internet which you are on right now by using any of a number of search engines and research aids.
  4. It's not a bad vehicle and the price is really reasonable. But all I really know about Suzuki is...

    1. The X-90 is the single gayest vehicle ever!
    2. The Cappiccino C2 could have been the single coolest car ever!
  5. All the reviews Ive read say its a well built practical family car.
  6. And you have +8k posts on a car forum?

    Suzuki is a Japanese based maker of automobiles of which GM is a partner and a major shareholder. IIRC they are the largest maker of microcars in the world, and dominate the Japanese kei-car market. They also make motorcycles and scooters and probably other stuff. They make and sell a lot of nice cars in Asia and Europe but most Suzuki's in North America (except the SUVs) are now rebadged Deawoos (Deawoo also being controlled by GM), in a lame attempt to pass them off as Japanese (the Verona is pretty nice tho' since it was signifigantly re-designed by Suzuki and has a Suzuki i6).

    I'm pretty sure the XL-7 is made in the joint Suzuki-GM factory CAMI factory in Ontario. It's basically a stretched compact ute, is getting pretty old, and will soon be replaced by something on the new Chevy' Equinox platform (the Equinox having been designed and built by Suzuki in Canada)...
  7. Can someone ask a question on here without someone being gay about it?
  8. they should stick to bikes.
  9. ...oh yeah the Aerio is 100% a real Suzuki (not a Deawoo) and is quirky/cool, and is getting a make-over this year IIRC (nicer interior materials, but they're also lameing up the front styling). How many other cars in that class offer AWD? Or 155hp base?

    I quite like Suzuki, but like everything else GM touches their days are numbered...
  10. ...oh yeah Suzuki sells cool little sports cars with Hayabusa engines, but only in Japan IIRC.
  11. Due to the wonderfuly convoluted cooperative circle jerk (pardon my alliteration) that is japanese buisness ties and conglomerates, Suzuki has a hand in producing a whole bunch of crap that appears unrelated like musical instruments and motorbikes.

    PS the Aero is boring.
  12. last tidbit! Rumour says the new (real) Swift may replace the current Korean garbage Chevy and Suzuki (and Pontiac here in Canada) are passing off as subcompacts, since the Deawoo the Aveo, etc. are based on is already way old and crap. Extremely sexy little car:
  13. A new homosexual icon? I think yes. It's atleast as good as the new mini for that.
  14. I think you're thinking Yamaha with musical instruments. And Suziki's motorcycle and car opperations are quite integrated because of their focus on tiny cars (unlike e.g. BMW where they have nothing in common).

    Suzuki is actually one of the best-run companies in Japan from what I understand, and have had to be extremely innovative to keep ahead of the Korean, etc. competition (Suzuki has resisted efforts to move production out of Japan IIRC). They invented the tall-box-car thing for one, and started the crazy gadgets in cheap cars trend in Japan too...
  15. Shut up, it's cute. What subcompact would you say is particularily manly? (besides the Fiesta ST which is pimp to the max)...
  16. Suzuki makes violins (I had one when I was really young).

    Suzuki is well run afaik but what has that got to do with anything I was talking about?
  17. I thought you were implying they were uncofused and in trouble. Anyways you sure it was the same Suzuki: everyone in Japan in named Suzuki!

    Anyways re: the XL-7, I'd say don't. The Equinox platform is supposed to be really nice, and if they swap out the garbage GM engines for a modern Suzuki unit it would be a class-beater. Plus I read somewhere that the Equinox is the first vehicle designed entirely in Canada since the Bricklin <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>
  18. thanks guys
  19. /sticking bike engines in extremly lightweight cars.

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