Anybody want to guess on price?

Discussion in '2004 Brabus SV12 Biturbo Roadster' started by nonstoppitstop, Nov 26, 2004.

  1. i cant even really field a guess
  2. IF you really need to know the price, you most likely can't afford it.

    best guess is 600k USD.
  3. this is deff gonna be fast as hell the second i saw it on the screen... simply amazed by the weight to hp ratio....
  4. 0-100 in 4.2 sec?! That has to be a typo! The Enzo has a little more horsepower and weighs over 1,000 lb less, and it takes 6.5 sec to reach 100.
  5. mmhm... I'd say around 400 K
  6. its a typo the 0-60 is 4.2
    and this car goes for 250k Canadian so about 200k US
  7. 40k + over the price of the car

  8. I'd have to say about 200K for the price... any more and a prospective buyer would either go for a Bentley or ante up 300-400K for an SLR. Can anyone figure out why the top speed isn't any faster than an unlimited SL55 AMG (Mercedes claims a SL55 can reach 205)?
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  10. Since the stock version of this is around $130k, I would imagine with all these upgrades, in addition to it being german, the price would jump to close to $200k. $600k is into limited production supercars, this just doesn't have the feel or spirit of such a car, unlike the SLR McLaren of the Carerra GT.
  11. the last barbus upgrade i saw was 100000 us, and it still wasnt as powerfull as this, so im going with blackferrari, about 150k.
  12. Horrible weight in my opinion ... I'd say this car will run about 220k
  13. Too much for me to even dream of affording, that's how much. I guess I'll have to be content with drooling on my keyboard.
  14. That agrees to mee too. Unfortunately.
  15. Who really gives a #$%#? none of you will ever be able to afford it what is really impressive is a car like this that we could all afford
    But there will never be one so buy a motorbike they look better and go way faster.
  16. motorcycles are fun things to play with, but what you are going to do when the all roads are covered with 6" of snow? Drive a car.

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