Anyone care to buy me one of these:)?

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  1. This boat is sex on the water...the Pininfarina-designed Magnum 80. Not as big as a megayacht nor as agile as a lightweight speedboat, but IMO it's the most beautiful powerboat on the water, it runs with twin 2000hp engines on the base package, and will top out at nearly 80mph with the top engine package. Plus, there'd be nothing as intimidating as rolling up to the harbor in one of these...think a Cigarette or a Riva but twice as large.
  2. how much that thing go for?
  3. It's price on request, as the interior and drivetrain and sorts are quite customizable. I'd say somewhere in the seven figures.
  4. You can buy this for 65K I believe.
  5. Thats bling
  6. it is indeed, and you can also suck sand with it baitch.
  7. you must have a small penis.
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    Love it but I want this instead.

    Callan Racing - 43' Tencara Offshore CAT
    The new standard by which Unlimited+ Power CATs will be judged.

    LOA: 43'
    Beam: 12'
    Weight: 9000 lbs.
    Fuel Capacity: 730 gallons
    Engines: Two Lycoming T55-L7
    Turbines @ 3,000 hp each

    Drives: BPM
    Propellers: Hering 5 blade Stainless Steel
    Hull: Tencara spA
    Epoxy carbon pre-preg

    Top Speed: 200+ mph
    The Callan Racing Tencara combines the design of a race proven Tencara Class 1 Unlimited 43' CAT hull, with the power and efficiency of two Lycoming T55-L7 Turbine engines. This impressive combination, when coupled with Callan Racing's experience in offshore turbine powered marine craft and customized drive and control systems helps Callan Racings set a new standard atop an entirely new class of elite Offshore Racing craft, pushing the world of Offshore Racing into the 200+ mph league

    NEW Video of this beast doing 205 mph!!!!!!!!!! here

    a writeup on that amazing event
  9. f__k that thing is huge, actually I still want one of the Magnum 80's too <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>
  10. Nope, a Riva is still better than both of those
  11. agreed
    aquarama please

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  12. *gotta stop opening those boats threads*
  13. Meh, it's kind of dumb. If it were 1/3 - 1/2 of it's current size I'd be more impressed. As it stands they've got an 80 foot boat making very poor use of space.
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    your aquarama sir, atleast it was the aquarama at one time, currently the marine star, soon to be scrapped.
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    200mph? Holy crap I need one of these!!!! LMAO!!!
  16. Yeah, those turbine-powered catamarans can reach absurd speeds. You can buy an open-roof "pedestrian" one from Skater that will do 180+.....a racing model like that will go even faster.
  17. im sure no vivilian model will go 180 mph plus, that is close to last years world record top speeds at the Lake of The Ozarks Rescue Shootout for the unlimited class.
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