anyone famous graduate from your HS/college?

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  1. hold on....didn't think of this one:

    Both Superman AND Batman went to my University :p
  2. Quentin Tarantino I guess
  3. John McCrae I guess... some Canadian WWI dude.
  5. High School, uni is too long/boring


    * James P. Leary Professor of Folklore and Scandinavian Studies University of Wisconsin-Madison
    * Stuart Macintyre Laureate Professor of History, University of Melbourne and 2007-8 Chair of Australian Studies at Harvard University
    * Dr. E. Neil McQueen Second Principal of the Presbyterian Ladies' College, Sydney (1920-1929), prominent educational innovator, scientist, psychologist and General Practitioner.[3]
    * Sir Walter Murdoch - Murdoch University named after him, former Chancellor and Vice-Chancellor of University of Western Australia
    * David Penington former Vice-Chancellor of the University of Melbourne
    * Sir George Whitecross Paton former Vice-Chancellor of the University of Melbourne
    * Sir Benjamin Rank pioneering plastic surgeon
    * Ian Renard Chancellor of the University of Melbourne
    * Peter Singer philosopher, Professor of Bioethics at Princeton University
    * Wilson Lai diagnostician, head of the Department of Diagnostic Medicine at Cambridge University
    * John Spence Regent's Professor of Physics Arizona State University
    * George Tait Presbyterian minister; Educator, first Principal of the Presbyterian Ladies' College, Melbourne (1875-1879).[4]
    * David Vines former Adam Smith Professor of Political Economy, Glasgow
    * Hugh White strategic studies guru, Australian National University
    * Andrew Gleadow Geologist, Professor of Earth Sciences at the University of Melbourne

    [edit] Business

    * Sir James Balderstone former Broken Hill Proprietary Company (BHP) and AMP Limited chairman
    * Sir Archibald Glenn former Chairman ICI
    * Charles Goode chairman of ANZ Bank, chairman of Woodside Petroleum
    * Ian Rainy Lance Harper AM - Company Director and Solicitor; Former Chairman of Raasey Trustee Pty Ltd, Reckitt and Colman Australia, Westpac Trust Foundation, Capcount Management Ltd etc (also attended The Scots College)[5]
    * Craig Kimberly founder of Just Jeans retail group
    * Sir Laurie Muir stockbroker and PBL director
    * Robert Duncan Somervaille AO AM, Legal and Telecommunications Technology Consultant; Former Chairman of P&O Australia Ltd, Chairman of HydroMet Corp. Ltd, Deputy Chairman of Abigroup Ltd, Chairman of FAI Life Ltd etc; Awarded the L?gion d'honneur (also attended The Scots College)[6]
    * Evan Thornley businessman, founder of Looksmart, now member of Parliament of Victoria

    [edit] Law

    * Kenneth Hayne High Court of Australia judge
    * Sir John Latham former Chief Justice of the High Court of Australia, former Deputy Prime Minister of Australia
    * Alastair Nicholson former Chief Justice of the Family Court of Australia
    * Sir Hayden Starke former Justice of the High Court of Australia
    * Sir Ninian Stephen former Governor General of Australia and High Court of Australia Justice
    * Sir Henry Winneke former Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Victoria and Governor of Victoria
    * John Winneke (son of above) Judge of the Supreme Court of Victoria, Hawthorn footballer

    [edit] Media, Entertainment and the Arts

    * Graeme Bell Australian Jazz legend (with his brother)
    * Roger Bell Australian Jazz legend (with his brother)
    * Nicholas Buc musician, composer
    * Ric Burch designer of Olympic Games opening and closing ceremonies
    * John Ewart AFI award winning actor
    * Stuart Gerstman renowned art dealer, scout master and identity
    * Patrick McCaughey former National Gallery of Victoria director
    * Campbell McComas entertainer
    * Peter Nicholson cartoonist for The Australian
    * Ron Radford director of the National Gallery of Australia
    * Felix Riebl lead singer of The Cat Empire
    * Jaime-Robbie Reyne actor, musician
    * Jesse Spencer actor
    * Chris Wallace-Crabbe poet
    * John Williamson country crooner

    [edit] Military

    * Air Marshall Ian Gration former head of Royal Australian Air Force
    * Major General Greg Garde AM RFD QC former Deputy Chief Australian Defence Force (Reserves), Australia's highest ranking reservist
    * General Peter Gration former Australian Defence Force chief
    * Sir James Whiteside McCay WWI general
    * Sir John Monash head of the Australian Imperial Force WWI, face on AUD$100 note, Monash University and the Monash Freeway are named after him
    * General Smith WWI general
    * Sir Clive Steele WWII general
    * Ian Upjohn Lieutenant Colonel, former Commanding Officer of 4th/19th Prince of Wales's Light Horse, commander of Australian troops in Solomon Islands, recipient of the Conspicuous Service Cross

    [edit] Politics

    * Jim Bacon former Premier of Tasmania
    * Bill Baxter former Victorian Nationals Minister (Roads & Ports), MLC 1978-2006, MLA 1973-6
    * John Cain former Premier of Victoria
    * Ken Jasper veteran Nationals member for Murray Valley in Parliament of Victoria
    * Dr David Kemp former Federal Liberal Minister
    * Rod Kemp Federal Liberal Minister
    * Jim Kennan former Attorney General of Victoria and Labor leader
    * Jeff Kennett former Premier of Victoria
    * Sir Harry Lawson former Premier of Victoria
    * John MacPherson former Premier of Victoria
    * Kalkot Mataskelekele President of Vanuatu
    * Andrew Peacock former federal Liberal leader
    * Andrew Refshauge former Deputy Premier of NSW
    * Sir George Reid fourth Prime Minister of Australia, former Premier of NSW, member of British House of Commons
    * William Shiels former Premier of Victoria
    * Sir David Smith official Secretary to five Australian Governors-General from 1973 to 1990, last Australian knighted by Queen Elizabeth II
    * Vaiben Solomon former Premier of South Australia
    * Michael Wooldridge former Federal Health Minister

    [edit] Sport

    * Edward Barlow Sydney Swans AFL player
    * Campbell Brown AFL player, Hawthorn Football Club
    * Nathan Djerkurra Geelong AFL player
    * Dave Fitter Western Force Rugby Union Prop, Wallaby
    * Drew Ginn Oarsome Foursome Olympic rowing gold medalist
    * Andrew Heath Wallaby
    * Richard Loveridge Hawthorn AFL Champion and Freehills partner
    * Ewen McKenzie Wallaby legend, Current Waratahs Coach
    * Cameron Mackenzie Olympic sprinter
    * Scott McGuinness Hawthorn AFL veteran
    * Sam Patten Olympic rower and member of the Oarsome Foursome
    * Dean Pullar Olympic diving medalist
    * Will Slade AFL player, Geelong Football Club
    * Matt Welsh Olympic swimming medalist
    * Rob Woodhouse Olympic swimming medalist
    * Nick Gill Adelaide Football Club, Australian Football League player

    [edit] Vice Regal

    * Sir Zelman Cowen former Governor General of Australia
    * Peter Hollingworth former Governor General of Australia and Anglican Archbishop of Brisbane
    * Sir Ninian Stephen former Governor General of Australia and High Court of Australia Justice
    * Sir Henry Winneke former Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Victoria and Governor of Victoria

  6. nikki benz, the pornstar :D
  7. HS:
    Wikipedia gives me::
    * John Barron � General Manager of the Chicago Sun-Times[25]
    * Bates Battaglia � player, National Hockey League
    * Bernard Brennan � former CEO of Montgomery Ward[25]
    * Edward Brennan � former CEO of Sears, Roebuck and Co.; current Chairman of the Board of American Airlines[25]
    * Joe Corvo � player, National Hockey League[26]
    * Bernard Dan � CEO of Chicago Board of Trade[25]
    * Philip Caputo � Pulitzer Prize winning author[25]
    * Aimee Garcia � actress
    * Robert J. Gorman (1915�2007) � prominent Chicago civil rights attorney
    * Michael D. Healy � Major General, U.S. Army, commander of the Green Berets[25]
    * Joseph Kerwin � Skylab astronaut; first medical doctor in space; member of the Apollo 13 mission control[25]
    * A. G. Lafley � CEO of Procter & Gamble[25]
    * Johnny Lattner � Heisman trophy winner)[25]
    * Corey Maggette � player, National Basketball Association[25]
    * Ben Ponzio � 2007 World Series of Poker Bracelet Winner
    * Michael Quinlan � former CEO of The McDonalds Corporation[25]
    * Pat Quinn � Illinois Lt. Governor[25]
    * Mike Rabold � player (eight seasons) in National Football League[25]
    * Timothy J. Rooney � prominent defense attorney in Chicago[27]
    * Marques Sullivan � former player, National Football League
    * Ken Sitzberger � gold medalist diver, 1964 Summer Olympics[25]
    * Larry Wert � General Manager of WMAQ-TV, Chicago television station[25][28]
    * Garrett Wolfe � Running Back, Chicago Bears (attended but did not graduate from Fenwick High School)[29]

    so the guy who started the green berets went to my hs, says a lot about the shcool i went to.

    As for college, oh boy:

    Nobel Prize winners

    * Edward Doisy, B.S. 1914, M.S. 1916 � Physiology or Medicine, 1943
    * Vincent Du Vigneaud, B.S. 1923, M.S. 1924 � Chemistry, 1955; also served as faculty member
    * Robert W. Holley, B.A. 1942 � Physiology or Medicine, 1968
    * Jack Kilby, B.S. 1947 � Physics, 2000; inventor of the integrated circuit
    * Edwin G. Krebs, B.A. 1940 � Physiology or Medicine, 1992
    * Polykarp Kusch, M.S. 1933, Ph.D. 1936 � Physics, 1955
    * John Schrieffer, M.S. 1954, Ph.D. 1957 � Physics, 1972; also served as faculty member
    * Phillip Sharp, Ph.D. 1969 � Chemistry, 1993
    * Wendell Stanley, M.S. 1927, PhD. 1929 � Chemistry 1946
    * Rosalyn Yalow, M.S. 1942, Ph.D. 1945 � Physiology or Medicine, 1977

    Crafoord Prize winners

    * Carl R. Woese, Faculty � Crafoord Prize in Biosciences of Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences, 2003
    * Allan Sandage, Alumni � Crafoord Prize in Astronomy of Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences, 1991

    Fields Medal winners

    * Jean Bourgain, Faculty � Fields Medal in Mathematics of International Mathematical Union, 1994

    Pulitzer Prize winners

    * Barry Bearak, M.S. 1974 � International Reporting, 2002
    * Michael Colgrass, B.A. 1956 � Music, 1978
    * George Crumb, M.A. 1952 � Music, 1968
    * Carl Van Doren, B.A. 1907 � Biography, 1939
    * Mark Van Doren, B.A. 1914 � Poetry, 1940
    * Leon Dash, Faculty - Explanatory Journalism, 1995
    * Roger Ebert, B.S. 1964 � Criticism, 1975
    * Bill Gaines, Faculty - Investigating Reporting, 1976 and 1988
    * David Herbert Donald, M.A. 1942, Ph.D. 1946 � Biography, 1961 and 1988
    * Roy J. Harris, B.A. 1925 � Public Service, 1950
    * Hugh F. Hough, B.S. 1951 � Local General Spot News Reporting, 1974
    * Paul Ingrassia, B.S. 1972 � Beat Reporting, 1993
    * Monroe Karmin, B.S. 1950 � National Reporting, 1967
    * Allan Nevins, B.A. 1912, M.A. 1913 � Biography, 1933 and 1937
    * Arthur M. Petacque, Faculty - Local General Spot News Reporting, 1974
    * James Reston, B.S. 1932 � National Reporting, 1945 and 1957
    * Robert Lewis Taylor, B.A. 1933 � Fiction, 1959
    * George Thiem, 1958 � Public Service, 1977
    * George F. Wil, B.A. 1933 � Comentary, 1959
    * Abe Zaidan, B.S. 1953 � Local Reporting, 1971

    Acdemic Scholarship

    * Warren Ambrose B.S. 1935, M.S. 1936, Ph.D. 1939 - Professor Emeritus of Mathematics at the MIT.
    * Arnold O. Beckman B.S. Chem. Eng. 1922, M.S. Phys. Chem. 1923, Former Professor at Caltech.
    * R. Byron Bird B.S. 1947, Professor at University of Wisconsin-Madison


    * Barbara Bain, B.S. � Winner of three consecutive Emmy Awards for the role of Cinnamon Carter in Mission: Impossible
    * Nancy Lee Grahn, briefly attended. Daytime Emmy-winning actress
    * Gene Hackman � Actor
    * Arte Johnson, 1949 � Laugh-In television personality
    * Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio, 1980 � Actress
    * Donna Mills, � Movie and TV actress
    * Jerry Orbach, B.A. � Broadway actor, actor in Dirty Dancing, Detective Lennie Briscoe in Law & Order
    * Peter Palmer � Actor/singer; played "Li'l Abner" on Broadway and film
    * Larry Parks � Academy-Award-nominated actor; blacklisted in Hollywood after testifying before the House Un-American Activities Committee
    * Andy Richter, briefly attended � Actor and former Conan O'Brien sidekick
    * Alan Ruck � Actor (Ferris Bueller's Day Off, Star Trek: Generations, Spin City)
    * Lynne Thigpen, B.A. 1970 � 1997 Tony Award-winning actress

    Artists and Architects

    * Max Abramovitz, B.S. 1929 � Architect on many campus and prominent international buildings including the United Nations Building, Assembly Hall (Champaign) and the Avery Fisher Hall at Lincoln Center in New York City
    * Temple Hoyne Buell � Architect for the first American central mall
    * Henry Bacon � architect of the Lincoln Memorial in Washington D.C.
    * Carol Ross Barney, B.Arch. 1971, M.Arch. 1984 � Architect for the new U.S. Federal Building after the Oklahoma City bombing
    * Mark Staff Brandl, B.F.A. 1978 � artist, art historian and critic
    * Leslie Erganian - artist and writer
    * Jeanne Gang, B.S. - architect
    * Ralph Johnson, B.Arch 1971 � principle architect of the Perkins+Will
    * C�sar Pelli, M.Arch. 1954 � Architect for the Petronas Twin Towers
    * Nathan Clifford Ricker, D.Arch. 1871 � First architect to receive a degree in Architecture from an American institution
    * Deb Sokolow, B.A. 1996 � artist
    * William L. Steele, architect of the Prairie School during the early twentieth century
    * Lorado Taft - sculptor, writer and educator
    * John Hanna � Architect- Chicago Illinois


    * Scott Altman, B.S. 1981
    * Lee J. Archambault, B.S. 1982, M.S. 1984
    * Dale A. Gardner, B.S. 1970
    * Steven R. Nagel, B.S. 1969
    * Joseph R. Tanner, B.S. 1973


    * Nancy Brinker, 1968 � Founder of Susan G. Komen for the Cure; received the 1995 University of Illinois Alumni Achievement Award [2]
    * Jim Cantalupo, 1966 � Chairman and CEO of McDonald's (1991-2004)
    * Doris Kelley Christopher, 1967, Founder of Pampered Chef
    * Jerry Colangelo, B.S. 1962 � President & CEO of Phoenix Suns and managing general partner of Arizona Diamondbacks
    * Jon Corzine, A.B. 1969 � Chairman and CEO of Goldman Sachs (1994-1999), cross listed in Politics section
    * Stephen Carley, A.B. circa 1973 - CEO of El Pollo Loco[1], former president and chief operating officer of Universal City Hollywood[1]
    * Martin Eberhard, 1960 - CEO and co-founder of Tesla Motors
    * Louis K. Eilers, 1929 � Former President and CEO of Eastman Kodak
    * Irl Engelhardt, 1968 � Chairman of Peabody Energy (1995 -), CEO of Peabody Energy (1991-2005), Chairman, Federal Reserve Board of St. Louis (2007 - )
    * George M.C. Fisher, 1962 � CEO of Eastman Kodak
    * John Georges, 1951 � CEO of International Paper
    * Jim Gillespie, - CEO of Coldwell Banker
    * William W. Grainger, � Founder of W.W. Grainger
    * Clifford F. Hood, 1915 � Former President of U.S. Steel
    * Mannie Jackson, 1960 � Former pro basketball player, owner of the Harlem Globetrotters
    * Robert L. Johnson, � Founder of Black Entertainment Television; principal owner of the Charlotte Bobcats
    * George Karnes, CEO - Beatrice Food Comp. Fortune 500, Alumnist Award 1989
    * Michael P. Krasny, B.S. 1975 � Chairman Emeritus and founder of CDW
    * Steven Miller, B.S. 1967 � Chairman, President, & CEO of Shell Oil (1999-2002)
    * Tom Murphy, B.S. 1938 � Chairman of General Motors
    * Matthew Paull, A.B. 1972, M.A.S. 1975 � CFO of McDonald's
    * Ron Popeil, 1957 � Inventor of the Infomercial (left after one year)
    * Abe Saperstein, � Creator of the Harlem Globetrotters
    * Jack Welch, M.S. 1959, Ph.D. 1961 � CEO of General Electric (1981-2001)
    * C. E. Woolman, 1912 � Founder of Delta Air Lines
    * Leslie B. Worthington, 1923 � President of U.S. Steel
    * John D. Zeglis, B.S. 1969 � Former President of AT&T; Former Chairman and CEO of AT&T Wireless

    Literature and media

    * Nelson Algren, B.S. 1931 � Author of 1950 National Book Award-winning The Man With the Golden Arm
    * Dan Balz - Washington Post national political reporter and editor; author
    * Ann Bannon, B.A. 1955 - Pulp fiction author of "The Beebo Brinker Chronicles"
    * Dee Brown, M.S. 1951 � Author of Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee
    * Robert "Buck" Brown - Playboy cartoonist, creator of the libinous "Granny" character, and whose drawings also regularly addressed racial equality issues
    * John F. Callahan, M.A., Ph.D. � literary executor for Ralph Ellison
    * John Chancellor, � Political analyst and newscaster for NBC Nightly News
    * Dianne Chandler � Playboy Playmate of the Month, 1966
    * Iris Chang, B.A. 1989 � Author of The Rape of Nanking
    * Dave Eggers, attended 1980s and 90s, B.S. 2002 � Author of A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius
    * Stanley Elkin, B.A. 1952, Ph.D. 1961 � National Book Critics Circle Award winner for George Mills in 1982 and for Mrs. Ted Bliss in 1995
    * Roger Ebert, B.S. 1964 � Film critic
    * Erika Harold � Miss America 2003
    * Lee Falk, 1932 � Creator of The Phantom and Mandrake the Magician
    * Judith Ford (Judi Nash), B.S. � Miss America 1969
    * Denny Frary - Former chief meterologist of KCRG-TV, Cedar Rapids, Iowa who had worked at the station for 32 years - to date the longest serving on-air personality at the station.
    * Bill Geist, 1968 � CBS News correspondent
    * Robert Goralski, 1949 - NBC News correspondent
    * Bob Grant � Radio talk show personality.
    * Hugh Hefner, B.A. 1949 � Founder of Playboy magazine
    * Nicole Hollander, B.A. 1960 � Syndicated cartoonist of Sylvia
    * Irene Hunt, B.A. 1939 � Newbery Medal winning author of Up a Road Slowly
    * Frederick C Klein, B.A. 1959 � sportswriter Wall Street Journal' and author
    * Ang Lee, 1980 � Academy Award-winning movie director (Best Director, 2005, Brokeback Mountain)
    * Carol Marin, A.B. 1970 � Former news anchor, 60 Minutes correspondent, and Illinois Journalist of the Year (1988)
    * Robert Novak, B.A. 1952 � Political commentator and columnist
    * Suze Orman, B.A. 1973 � Financial adviser and author
    * Henry Petroski � Civil engineer and writer
    * Irna Phillips, 1923 � Creator of the soap opera
    * Richard Powers, M.A. 1979 � Novelist and writer
    * Dan Savage, advice columnist (Savage Love) and theater director
    * Gene Shalit, 1949 � Film critic
    * Allan Stevo, B.A. 2002 � Author
    * Jean Thompson � novelist, prize-winning short story writer
    * Douglas Wilson � Television personality/designer


    * John Anderson � Former U.S. Representative and 1980 presidential candidate
    * Berhane Abrehe, M.S. 1972 - Third Minister of Finance of Eritrea
    * James Brady, 1962 � White House Press Secretary under Ronald Reagan, hand gun control advocate
    * Henry M. Britt, 1941 and 1947 (Law) - Arkansas Republican pioneer and circuit judge in Hot Springs
    * Edwin V. Champion - a U.S. Representative from Illinois.
    * Rafael Correa, Ph.D. 2001 � President and Former Secretary (Minister) of Finances of Ecuador.
    * Jon Corzine, A.B. 1969 � Governor of New Jersey (2006-present) and U.S. Senator from New Jersey (2001-2006), cross listed in Business section
    * Dorothy Day, 1918 � founder of the Catholic Worker Movement
    * Alan J. Dixon, B.S. - United States Senator from 1981 until 1993.
    * Atef Ebeid, Ph.D. 1962 � Former prime minister of Egypt (1999-2004)
    * Tom Fink, J.D. 1952 - Speaker of the Alaska House of Representatives (1973), Mayor of Anchorage (1987-1994)
    * Chuck Graham, B.S. 1987 - Missouri House of Representatives (1996-2002), Missouri State Senate 2004
    * Jesse Jackson � Civil rights leader, presidential candidate and founder of the Rainbow/PUSH Coalition -Expelled before graduation.
    * Jesse Jackson Jr., J.D. 1993 � U.S. Representative from Illinois (1995-present)
    * Victor Kamber, B.S. 1965 - formed The Kamber Group, working for Democratic Party candidates and labor unions
    * Annette Lu, � Vice-president of the Republic of China (2000-present)
    * Lynn Martin, B.A. 1960 � U.S. Representative from Illinois (1981-1991) and Secretary of Labor in the cabinet of George H.W. Bush (1991-1993)
    * John W. McDonald, A.B. 1943, J.D. 1946 � United States Ambassador (Retired); career diplomat; co-founder and Chairman of the Institute for Multi-Track Diplomacy
    * Oran McPherson � Former Speaker of the Legislative Assembly of Alberta, and Minister of Public Works for the United Farmers of Alberta government.
    * Maxwell Mkwezalamba - Commissioner for Economic Affairs for the African Union Commission
    * Fidel V. Ramos, 1951 � Former President of the Philippines (1992-1998)
    * Samuel K. Skinner, 1960 � Secretary of Transportation (1989-1991); White House Chief of Staff during the George H. W. Bush Administration (1992)
    * Phillips Talbot, B.S. 1936, A.B. 1936 � United States Ambassador to Greece (1965-1969), President of The Asia Society (1970-1981)

    Science and mathematics

    * Murray S. Blum � Entomologist, authority on chemical ecology and pheromones
    * John Carbon, B.S. 1952 - Biochemist, United States National Academy of Sciences member
    * Stephen S. Chang , Ph.D. 1952 - Food scientist, IFT Stephen S. Chang Award for Lipid or Flavor Science
    * Karl Clark, Ph.D - discovered the hot water oil separation process
    * Cutler J. Cleveland, Ph.D - Editor-in-Chief of the Encyclopedia of Energy and the Encyclopedia of Earth.
    * Ronald Cohn, B.S. 1965, M.S. 1967, Ph.D. 1971 � Researcher and cameraman who helped document Koko, the mountain gorilla
    * Alfred Y. Cho, B.S. 1960, M.S. 1961, Ph.D. 1968 � Father of molecular beam epitaxy; received the National Medal of Science in 1993
    * Gene H. Golub, B.S. 1953, M.A. 1954, Ph.D. 1959 - B. Bolzano Gold Medal for Merits in the Field of Mathematical Sciences
    * Richard Hamming, Ph.D. 1942 � mathematician, who developed Hamming code and Hamming distance, winner of 1968 ACM Turing Award. IEEE's Richard W. Hamming Medal is named after him.
    * Donald G. Higman, Ph.D. 1952 - mathematician, discovered the Higman�Sims group
    * Donald Johanson, B.S. 1966 � Anthropologist, discoverer of oldest known hominid, "Lucy"
    * Michael Lacey, Ph.D. 1987 - Awarded the Salem Prize for solving conjectures about the Bilinear Hilbert Transform
    * Francine Patterson, B.S. 1970 � Researcher who taught a modified version of American Sign Language to a mountain gorilla named Koko
    * Allan Sandage, B.S., 1948 � Influential astronomer and cosmologist; winner of 1991 Crafoord Prize
    * Charles W. Woodworth, B.S. 1885, M.S. 1886 � Founder of the Division of Entomology, University of California, Berkeley; the PBESA gives the C. W. Woodworth Award
    * Andrew Chi-Chih Yao, Ph.D. 1975 � computer scientist, winner of 2000 ACM Turing Award

    Technology and innovation

    * Shoaib Abbasi, B.S. 1980, M.S. 1980 � President and CEO of Informatica
    * Marc Andreessen, B.S. 1993 � Co-creator of Mosaic, and later co-founder of Netscape
    * Bruce Artwick, M.S. 1976 � Creator of Microsoft Flight Simulator
    * Ken Batcher, Ph.D. 1969 - ACM/IEEE Eckert-Mauchly Award winner for work on parallel computers
    * Arnold O. Beckman, B.S. 1922, MS 1923 � Inventor of pH meter, founder of Beckman Instruments; major donor to U of I, the Beckman Institute and Beckman Quadrangle are named after him
    * Eric Bina, B.S. 1986, M.S. 1988 � Co-creator of the Mosaic and among the first employees of Netscape
    * Donald L. Bitzer � 2003 Emmy Award in Technical Achievement for the invention of the plasma display
    * Ed Boon, B.S. 1986 � Creator of the Mortal Kombat video game series
    * John E. Bourgoin, B.S. 1968 - Chairman, president, and CEO of MIPS Technologies
    * Steve Chen � Co-founder of YouTube
    * Ven Te Chow, Ph.D. notable professor of hydrology
    * John Cioffi B.S. 1978, father of DSL (broad band internet connection), Marconi Prize winner[2], founder of Amati Communications (sold to Texas Instruments), IEEE Fellow
    * Steve Dorner, B.S. 1983 � Creator of Eudora
    * Alan M. Davis, M.S. 1973, Ph.D. 1975 � IEEE Fellow for contributions to software engineering, author, entrepreneur
    * James DeLaurier, B.S. - designed the first microwave-powered aircraft, the first engine-powered ornithopter, and the first human-carrying ornithopter
    * Russell Dupuis B.S. 1970, M.S. 1971, Ph.D. 1972 - professor at Georgia Tech, co-recipient of the 2002 National Medal of Technology, awarded the 2007 IEEE Edison Medal, pioneer in metalorganic chemical vapor deposition and the commercialization of LEDs
    * Lawrence Ellison � founder of Oracle Corporation (left after sophomore year)
    * Sam Glassenberg, B.S. 2002 � 2006 Emmy Award winner for his work on DirectX
    * Michael Hart, B.A. 1973 � Founder of Project Gutenberg
    * Tomlinson Holman, B.S. 1968 � creator of THX, professor at the USC School of Cinematic Arts
    * Jawed Karim, B.S. 2004 � Co-founder of YouTube
    * Fazlur Khan, Ph.D. 1955 � Designer and builder of the Sears Tower, tallest building in the world when it was built in 1973
    * Ed Krol - author of Whole Internet User's Guide and Catalog
    * Max Levchin, B.S. 1997 � Co-founder of PayPal
    * Robert McCool, B.S. 1995 - author of the original NCSA HTTPd web server, later known as the Apache HTTP Server.
    * Bob Miner, B.A. (mathematics) 1963 � Co-founder of Oracle Corporation
    * Ray Ozzie, B.S. 1979 � Creator of Lotus Notes cofounder of Lotus, co-President of Microsoft
    * Thomas Ptak, B.S. 1975 - Creator of Jet Fighter
    * Jerry Sanders, B.S. 1958 � Co-founder and former CEO of Advanced Micro Devices
    * Thomas Siebel, B.A. 1975, M.B.A. 1983, M.S. 1985 � Founder of Siebel Systems
    * H. Gene Slottow � 2003 Emmy Award in Technical Achievement for the invention of the plasma display
    * Bill Stumpf � Designer of the Aeron and Ergon ergonomic chairs
  8. The name's Carbon. John Carbon. Biochemist.
  10. Joe C. or did he not attend school? <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/tongue.gif"></A>
  11. Actually, John Grisham graduated from Mississippi State University, but he hates us and he donates all his money to University of Mississippi (Ole Miss). What an ungrateful asshole.
  12. This guy is semi-famous and he graduated from mississippi state university. Can anybody guess why he is semi-famous?
  13. One of the very few niggers to do so?
  14. I'm sure a quite a few have from my University, Sir Ernest Rutherford (the split the atom/ prove that atoms consist of a nucleus and electron shells or whatever that is that he proved) comes to mind instantly.
  15. <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/angry.gif"></A>
  16. yah.

    Im not sure, but I think he was also the 1st to break the color barrier in Southern colleges.
  17. The current Prime Minister of Canada, but that's not exactly braggable.
  18. William Henry Harrison was in the class of 1791 I think.
  19. My highschool according to Wiki:

    * Michael Chang, professional tennis player (retired)
    * Tom Dempsey, professional American football NFL player (retired)
    * Jon Foreman, singer/songwriter/guitarist, Switchfoot
    * Tim Foreman, bassist/back-up vocals, Switchfoot
    * Keith Kartz, professional American football NFL player - Center Denver Broncos (retired)
    * Rob Machado, professional surfer (semi-retired)
    * Anoushka Shankar, world-renowned sitar player, daughter of Ravi Shankar and half sister of Norah Jones [23]
    * Eddie Vedder, lead singer of Pearl Jam

    There were a bunch more, but they didn't seem very interesting.

    No such list for my college.


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