Anyone has specifications in this car ???

Discussion in '2007 SSC Ultimate Aero' started by galblack, Jan 1, 2006.

  1. 1500 hp TT 6.x liter V8 engine(bored corvette motor)
    0-60 under 3 seconds
    top speed 270+ mph
    Optional nitrous kit (100,200,400 hp)
    gas - c16
    full leather interior with a/c , dvd , sat nav etc.
    weight - 2400 lbs
    Price - $800,000 - $1,000,000
    Fully street legal.
    Only 25 to be built.
    Two have already been made with these specs.
  2. specs are posted on this site.
  3. Too bad it is not Twin turbo it is supercharged
  4. This copper/black one is supercharged, but ssc also does a TT package.
  5. thats unbelivible
  6. Probably the biggest HP in SC.Net, isn't?
  7. 1500 hp that's a whole lotta muscle. I would like to see the 270+ estimates to be proven though especially since this thing's tryin to take the title form the Bugatti Veyron
  8. how is its handling? "i dont think i can beat veyron on track race"

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