Anyone here drink Absinthe?

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  1. I got a buddy to bring me up a bottle of the real deal from Chicago since Canada is still rather Soviet when it comes to the sale of alcohol.

    Pretty rare bottle, it was the only one left in the entire state, according to a Binny's manager, and I had to have it moved to a different location so my buddy could pick it up without having to go out of his way.

    Now I'm trying to decide which form of hipster device to buy to do the louche. The spoon thing seems messy and a little more bohemian than I'd care to bother with. Any recommendations?

    I guess I could go look up some absinthe forum since there's a forum for everything, but then I'd miss you guys.
  2. Is it absinthe liqueure or the real shit? beware of the scammers.

    I've had some real, some homemade (lol) and some fake. The real stuff is very good and I'm pondering ordering some from Europe and cross my fingers it makes it through customs. A friend of mine succeeded once over 4-5 times he tried.

    The spoon thing is ritual-esque and more for the show, but the sugar adds to the taste some people can't bare (women).
  3. no banned
  4. Did it before the spoon and sugar cube way and it was pretty easy.
  5. It's the real deal. We can buy the liqueres in LCBO, but why bother. Better to just have a bottle of Bosco.
  6. What brand is it? I've heard good things about Lucid.
  7. I have heard good things as well about lucid. The one I got is called Jade Nouveau-Orleans.

    Figured if I'm gonna have a buddy drag it all the way up to Toronto for me, might as well go for broke and get the high-end one.
  8. You can buy marijuana whenever you want, and coke is available on every street corner, but you may not have a glass of absinthe?
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    I've had some garbage absinthe before, wasn't much to talk about there. Ever tried this? fUckin terrible but it gets you so unbelievably drunk off a few shots or drinks.

    I want to try making some proper cider out of this good apple cider I've been getting lately. Found some pretty simple recipes and they can be ready within a month if I want something 5% or more ABV. Also I'd like to try making some applejack from it eventually
  10. you just drink it straight. think of it like grappa.
  11. yes
    I actually like the taste.
  12. yes, in brazil. came in small glasses. i was already pretty drunk so i thought it was a shot. Downed it in one. blacked out. have not tried it since.
  13. I rarely see the proper stuff, except in a Bohemian restaurant not too far from where I work. Shit's awesome.
  14. I live in Canada and I can easily get Absinthe. Actually drank half a bottle myself one night, that was quite the adventure.
  15. where in canada, and which bottle of absinthe?

    Pardon my skepticism, but I am very skeptical. Unless you live in Alberta or on a native reserve, shit's different there.
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  17. yeah how easy
    this url is wrong
  18. fixed it
  19. that'S USA #61 absinthe, has little to no thujone (less than 10mg/kg). its the same grade as Hill's Absinthe (noob's absinthe which is sold everywhere as the "real" deal).

    Normal absinthe, the real stuff, has 35mg/kg and more. It what it makes absinthe... absinthe.
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  21. What the bloody hell is Absinthe?
  22. it's an old greek word for absenteism, as in absenteist ownership, like in a franchised business.

    you probably know all about that, being indeed rich?
  23. Im not an absenteist owner. I know of everything that happens in every company i own shares in, the other business such as diamonds and gold mining, alumanium and steel manufacturing i am involved in the day to day business.
  24. *in which you own shares

    lol alumanium

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