Anyone here is a boxer?

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  1. Just out of curiosity, how fast can you run a mile? I know that might not be something you typically measure, being imperial and all, but I don't really have any other reference.
  2. I want to know too.
  3. For one thing, focus on your breathing while you're throwing the punches. A lot of beginners tend to tense up and hold their breath while they're punching/blocking, and they end up running out of puff after a couple of minutes.
    Just keep up your footwork, keep nice and balanced on the balls of your feet, keep jabbin.
  4. I can outsprint anyone on these forums on a bike. So what?
  5. I'm doing a boxing routine at the gym at the moment, but the only comp fighting I did was jitsu a couple of years ago, the boxing routine I do daily is:

    light stretch, warm up etc

    wrist stretches/conditioning (see japanese Jiu Jitsu video's on youtube for the three core streches)

    1 minute skipping

    4 minutes on a heavy bag, moderate intensity, punching combo's of 4-5 hits maximum. Don't forget to move around and weave. Keep your hands up, your stance will dictate a lot, it pays to force yourself into other stances occasionally too.

    Sit ups. As many as you can, I generally do three sets of 50 a day on a swiss ball with alternating sets of upper ab crunches and lower ab raises in between but a comp fighter will want to do twice as many minimum. Push ups build strength in the chest and triceps, but you get hit in the head and the gut and there isn't much you can do to condition your face.

    Repeat heavy bag at maximum intensity

    Repeat sit ups

    Repeat heavy bag at moderate effort

    Repeat sit ups

    Repeat heavy bag at "best yo can manage" effort

    Warm down - more skipping, speed bag etc.

    A trainer will also have other routines to do before and after - hand mitts, free sparring, push ups, sprints etc.

    You want to condition yourself for a bit more than a typical amatuer fight which is three rounds of three minutes.

    It pays to start doing the routine with a mouthguard in after a while to get used to breathing with one in if you're going to be fighting also.

    You can work on improving your hitting speed and strength by wearing training gloves and holding small weights.

    Really though if you're going to take up competitive boxing you need to get a professional to assist you from the get go.
  6. Sure, mate.
  7. I havent run a timed mile since I was 16 but my best then was 5 minutes. Tbh don't know if I'm faster or slower than then.
  8. Yeah, well... It's part of my job to stay fit, so I run at least 5 kilometers every single day. And that's when I'm in a rush to finish. So I for one, know my capabilities. And that's why I say I can run faster and farther than people who aren't also in training.

    Now, if you happen to be training, and are a taller fellow than I with long legs, you'd definitely blow by me. But normal people who aren't running daily won't have the cardio to run more than a couple hundred metres before losing their wind.
  9. I smoke.
  10. I'll have myself timed on Monday at the indoor track and get back to you. I'm pretty sure I can run a 5 minute mile.
  11. hahaha, just a suggestion!
  12. a good one though. Smoking is bad for me.
  13. I have sex a lot so my balls are sore.
  14. a 5 minute mile is pretty quick, that's what I did in high school when I was training every day or whatever
  15. I know it's quick. But I've been running every day since January. I'm in better shape now than I was even when I was cycling 20km a day.
  16. yeh that was when I was training for 800m. Now when I run (2-3 times a week) I do 7 kms and aim for 4 minute kilometers.
  17. 5 minute mile my ass.
  18. I'll bury you.

  19. Pretty cool how my school newsletter thing is on google 4 years later:

    "The second fitness assessment for 2004 has been completed by the junior students. The most important assessment is the 1.6km run for cardiovascular endurance.

    There were some outstanding performances again this semester including Francis Wong (10.2) 5m 21s and Riet Rotherham (10.6) 5m 14s.
    * Fastest time set by Paul Watzlaff of 5m 00s in 2003."

  20. you prolly could. If you're still training the way you were training the last time I read a description of how you train, which was a couple years ago. If so, I wouldn't doubt it.
  21. 3 weeks left. Then I am probably going to see how fat I can get in 3 months.
  22. lol, if you stop a training regiment like yours and change nothing else, and keep your diet the same, you'll balloon in no time. When I came off basic training, I was eating probably 4000 calories a day and had to adjust my diet big time.
  23. So what you're saying is that you can run faster than anyone who doesn't run. El Oh El.
  24. I'm a boxcar Willy

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