Anyone here that still thinks Trump should be President of the States?

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by dahldrin, Jul 31, 2016.

  1. Was amazed there was anyone here that thought so months ago. Given everything that's happened since then, is there anyone that's still on board? Hemistage doesn't count, as he's not human.
  2. probably still better than Hilary.

    Sorry America, both your candidates are really terrible.
  3. Trump just wants to be president. He doesn't believe anything he says and knows that his "plans" will never become reality. He is totally aware that he wouldn't stand a chance running as a Democrat and you only stand a chance as a Republican if you appeal to the crazies. In reality, he's probably a Democrat running as a Republican.

    Hillary has made a lot of promises to a lot of people who have a lot of money riding on her. She knows how to play the game and contributes to our government being as shit as it is. She could murder someone on live TV and get away with it. She's not going to bring about some sort of socialist trashbag utopia because she doesn't believe in that, she's going to bring the same shit we've had for the past 35 years. In reality, probably a Republican running as a Democrat.
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  4. I agree that Trump is pretty much just in it to win it and nothing else. Doesn't believe anything in terms of policy or positions. However, I feel like you're being a little extreme when it comes to Hillary. I think she has historically been more hawkish and corporatist than she has been lately (largely due to Bernie), but I think she's still far from being a Republican in terms of policy. Have you read their platform? Jesus Christ (he plays a big roll).

    Trump, though, has said countless things that should absolutely disqualify him from being President. Things that if anyone else said them, would. For some reason, though, they just bounce off him and all the rubes and bigots across the country stand by him, saying stuff like, "he says what everyone else is thinking" and "he's got it all figured out". I could make a gigantic list of all the awful positions he's taken, things he's said and things he doesn't know, but I don't have the time. I'll give one, though. He just came out in support of Fox News' Roger Ailes. Hinting that he might run his campaign. This man is the white, corporate news version of Bill Cosby. A man with a now undeniable history of sexual harassment and misogyny. Thing is, the people that are likely to vote for Trump actually LIKE that sort of thing. They think, "remember the good old days when you could slap a woman's ass?"

    Then there's the call to Russians to hack American computers, negative remarks against the parents of a dead American soldier and so much more. And that's just in the past few days.
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    There has never been a more incompetent presidential nominee or a more extremely right-wing duo nominated. That is most definitely not better than Hillary. For example, Trump said women who get abortions should be punished and Pence signed a law requiring burial or cremation for aborted fetuses. If you hate women, gays and any minority and don't care about the leader of a country having political, economic or social knowledge, then yeah, definitely a better option that Hillary.

    The guy is a failed businessman, a pretend billionaire and an obvious bigot/misogynist. At this point, there are really only two types of people that can support him: the ignorant and the willfully ignorant.
  6. Uh? what world do you live in where Trump not Hilary has been having a clusterfuck of a run since then?
  7. The guy is a failed businessman, a pretend billionaire and an obvious bigot/misogynist. At this point, there are really only two types of people that can support him: the ignorant and the willfully ignorant.[/QUOTE]

    Haha the billionaire businessman is a failed businessman and not a billionaire (of course zero sources)

    The real beauty of Trump run is how it exposes "sensible" liberals for the frothing at the mouth idiots they really are.
  8. I like Trump over Hillary because he seems like a nuclear option. He may bungle up so bad, and look so stupid, people may start caring about actual politics after.
    Hillary is a horrible option too. Yes she knows what she's doing. She knows too well what she's doing. So much so she gets away with stuff like taking bribes to sell uranium and lying about sending classified e-mails. She also gets away with being a Secretary of State and not know what's classified.
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  9. Even though Hilldawg is a terrible fucking option, she's still probably less terrible than Trump.

    HOWEVER! I would fucking love to see Trump win, just to bathe in the waves of salty tears that will inevitably flow.

    I do agree that Trump is not exactly a die-hard Republican. He's pretty much just using them as a means to and end. And I think that is much better than someone who would just tow the party line. Trump don't give no fucks about party politics.
  10. I'm confused because all the local media here ever talks about is Trump and not Clinton.
  11. Are women even allowed in politics?
  12. I just think that Trump is playing the most elaborate catfish scheme of all time. Yeah, Hillary's devotees are cringeworthy but so are Trump's if you believe that he's playing every single one of them for fools.
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  13. Well, we had a female prime minister in 1969.
  14. Lol 69
  15. I don't give a rat's ass about promises around election time, we all know the great majority of these are just to lure. When I choose a leader, I just go for the character that appeals to me the most and a couple of completely different things. With TTIP around the corner to screw Europe even more than it already has been, the last thing I want in a US President is a sneaky snake like Hillary and rather have the in-your-face Trump. I also believe he could actually deal with Russia (by means of muscle flexing dialogue) instead of having some proposterous facade like that Reset thing of Hillary, only little time before screwing both Europe ánd Russia over with the push for sanctions. Idiots and opportunists our politicians (here and in Russia) are, they of course fell for it with open eyes.

    So where I'm from and from only from this point of view I have a favourite candidate. That Trump says unrealistic things or things he won't be able to make come true I know. But tell me honestly, which candidate in the past 150 years didn't?
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    I'm pretty much on the same page a Big Rob. And if anybody believes any of the Putin videos on YouTube and what not. Hillary will cause a massive war between Russia and the USA

    Though the second one kinda seems a bit bogus
  17. Not bogus I guess. Just seems like a dude in front of his laptop making a fake news broadcast.

    Edit: Ugh. I just Google next news network. I think I am regretting posting that video.
  18. I don't like Trump for the message he would send to the world about the American populace.

    I don't like Hilary because she is bought and paid for by the same greedy corporations who have been effecting socioeconomic inequality for the last few decades.

    I don't like that Bernie was put out of the race despite being the most popular candidate. It speaks volumes about how corrupt and shitty the US government is, and how the media speaks the mind of the super rich, rather than the people.

    At this point I think that I may actually prefer Trump to Hilary, crazy though it sounds.
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  19. what worries me most about trump is his attitude towards those who criticize them
    how much of the stuff he says will he actually try to do?

    and if you think trump doesnt believe the shit he says, how is he any different than hillary?
  20. The problem is Trump lies about doing stupid crazy shit. Hillary lies about doing normal proper shit.
    Like if I lied about building myself a castle with a moat and a dragon. You'd be like yeah yeah dude whatever.
    But if I lied about feeding my children and they starved to death that's real crazy shit.
  21. Greatest Country in the World™
  22. so why vote for the guy who lies about dragons? i honestly fail to see how that helps anything? esp when he has a lot of seemingly anger motivated 'positions' that would further divide the country

    honestly status quo is better than electing a dictator who wants to silence dissent, and is merely 'okay' with someone a judge having Mexican heritage
  23. In years past, I always thought it was remarkable that every election is always fought over about a dozen actual issues. Out of a quarter million laws on the federal books, people get into each other's' face and yell at one another, call each other the devil, and ruin holiday dinners with their families over the 0.05% of them they disagree about. People in more-or-less perfect agreement about nearly every facet of life, shouting at each other over a rounding error. Even huge 'wedge issues' that deeply divide people like Obamacare, when you really break them down, are about whether the public contribution to healthcare in the United States would be better at 40% or 60%. Because a 40-60 public-private split on healthcare spending is heartless poor-hating capitalism while a 40-60 private-public split on healthcare spending is a socialist Orwellian dystopia. That Mitt Romney basically pre-empted Obamacare in the State of Massachusetts said as much as I needed to know that people don't care about the rules so much as that their guy is the one making them.

    Donald Trump has really killed that thesis pretty thoroughly. He's so far from that median consensus that American politics have orbited around (and most of Europe too, for that matter, as much as they don't want to hear it) - and somehow popular. Against his party. Promoting strategies that even Michael Hayden says the military would have to refuse. Withdrawing from America's principal foreign policy apparatus, one of its own design, the mere promise of membership to brought democracy to half of Eastern Europe, on a whim. I can't explain it at all, other than the idea that the vote-splitting early in the primaries lead him become an alternative to 'their-guy'. I can't imagine that a majority of Republicans, let alone Americans, support torture and explicit racism as matters of official policy. Hillary's controversies, meanwhile, state that she struggles with computer security and that the Democrats are a political party. I'm not trying to downplay her use of a private server; she basically gave every major power on Earth straightforward access to the top of the US Department of State, which is insane. But neither pushes her views off from that of the average American. If for nothing else than to secure her political capital, she's no doubt learned divest that sort of security to someone else by now, and does not concern me for the future. I really have nothing but support for her at this point.
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  24. The first rule of foreign policy is very simple: there is no such thing as altruism. This means that you can never view the outward actions of a state in any light other than the protection of their own interests. Russia's promotion of Trump as a candidate is not a gift to America from the goodness of their hearts. Maybe, hypothetically, it can also be in the benefit of Americans. But that would not be the goal; that would be a side effect and frankly you can't expect them to give a shit.

    Russia is agitated that the United States is calling shots in countries it used to run. It does this by promising ascendancy into NATO for democratic and market reforms. You would be shocked at how quickly countries in Russia's backyard will bend over backwards to hold an open election when you give them an offer like that. The US is dismantling their buffer states, their sphere of influence, and as a consequence, their economic and cultural and military influence, and they're backed into a corner. But here comes a candidate who thinks NATO and the US defense arrangements with South Korea and Japan are a bad deal. If Eastern European countries can no longer count on the US nuclear umbrella, or place their favor in US conventional forces in terms of their collective foreign policy goals, they can chose to side with an aspirational Russia, or an Anglo-French alliance (and one of those two has been debating getting rid of its Trident force for decades). Opportunity like that doesn't knock all too often, let me tell you.

    I think it's laughable to think that Russia feels legitimately threatened by US missile defense systems in Romania (and somehow not the Aster 30 system in the Mediterranean and North Atlantic - wonder why that one never seems to come up?). Russia maintains a vastly more-than-credible second-strike capability. The Aster 30 never comes up for the same reason that China never makes nearly the same stink as Russia about missile defense systems in South Korea and Japan - there's nowhere near as much to gain.
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