Anyone here that still thinks Trump should be President of the States?

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  1. why is this thread still going
  2. I was more inclined to believe this line of thinking months ago
    but trump seems to be a narcissist (not rare in politics) with an unpredictable temperment. If he does half the things hes said he would do he would be a complete tragedy
    I really dont want someone who takes offenses personal and uses the power of the military/law enforcement to right perceived wrongs

    the guy has already said he would punish people in the press who are critical of him. thats like the least american thing you could do, besides watch what you eat and exercise
  3. People used to say very similar things to this about Hugo Chavez back in 1997. Venezuela is now in shambles 19 years later
  4. If we're talking idealists of any kind, not the advocates of the philosophical theory, but ones that place ideals before practical considerations... those people can be quite dangerous. When one is willing to reject facts, rationality and logic to pursue some kind of ideal, well, that's how we have ended up with marxists, islamists, fascists, stalinists, nazis, etc, etc.

    We have yet to see what sort of ideas Trump is willing to turn into reality. Personally I'd leave that card unchecked because historically radical and revolutionary populist figures tend to have a poor track record.
  5. Because the election hasn't been held yet?
  6. I think this is important to note. We've seen people like this before. Political outsiders (which you think is a good thing cuz the status quo sucks) who say shit to get the angry and uneducated and nationalists excited
    it doesnt usually end well because they dont know what to do when they get the power they wanted, or if they do know what to do they just do terrible things
  7. That's a subjective assessment, not a fact-based statement.
  8. You know, when I made that argument a few posts up from yours, I did it sarcastically.
  9. I'm not 100% sure he understands sarcasm.
  10. The news keep getting sadder and sadder, my friend. I'm so sorry for your country.
  11. Yeah, I'm keeping a close eye on this as well, can't believe it's barely making the news here. How little fucks are given about a nation just to stay in power so desperately...
  12. Here its a hot topic, because of its proximity, and because most of the local political far left only finds international allies in leaders like Venezuela's. Which of course doesn't win them any local allies outside of their niche.

    In my book starving your people is not far below genocide on the list of worst things governments can do. I'm appalled that there isn't more international outrage over what is happening.
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  13. Young women are voluntarily getting sterilized because having a baby is out of the question since there is no milk, formula, or diapers. The situation is so bad that Colombia opens their border for a few hours so Venezuelans can go and buy food, last time that happened 100,000 Venezuelans crossed the border.

    I can't believe that at this point it is only a footnote in the media while Ryan Lochte being a dumbass has been the biggest news in the past 3 days.
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  14. Central banking 101 right there

    Some members of the European Far Left, who preach their silly ideals about how we should get rid of money and evil capitalism, should visit Venezuela to see what actually happens when a nation doesn't have money.

    If I were a Venezuelan, I'd be punching everyone who voted for Chavez so hard right now.
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  15. We get plenty of news about Venezuela and none whatsoever about Lochte.

    The American media is such that if a major war breaks out somewhere or a major disaster happens, as long as the US isn't directly involved, Kardashians will be the main topic. Having lived there for a while, this shouldn't come as a surprise to you.
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  16. Oh, backtracking, commie?
  17. I can't say I support Hilary, I guess I'm in the "anything but trump" crowd. The dude isn't smart, isn't trustworthy, isn't supporting the average American... Honestly nothing about him is really worth voting for him. I can't even tell if he is telling the truth.

    Actually, he isn't telling the truth.
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    All of my "educated" and supposedly well informed friends are posting stuff about white privilege and Lochte, but nothing on Venezuela. Hypocrites.
  19. american media seems to be pretty terrible at prioritizing
    Baton Rouge is having pretty bad flooding and nearly nobody knows bout it. Ive only heard because of twitter. World news that is not ISLAM TERRORIST OR PEACE??? news is even further off our radar

    Rio olympics going on doesnt help either, though youd think thatd be a great opener for world news
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  20. I'm curious as to what Murika thinks about Clinton having a KKK leader as a mentor.
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  21. Murika will say :"it is bullshit."
  22. because killary says the truth? Quit being so fucking damn naive.
  23. But you like KKK

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