Anyone here that still thinks Trump should be President of the States?

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  1. Duh. It's common knowledge that the Republican Party was born due to opposition to slavery.

    It's just that KKK wants to kill niggers and muzzies, etc. I thought you wanted the same thing.
  2. You are fucking stupid. I am for the death of Black live matters thugs and cop killers and the death of radical islamists and any of their supporters
  3. if you met a black muslim man what would you do
  4. I would try to get an autograph from Kareem
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  5. great. when he leans down to sign your lower back ill come around and try to poke his epiglottis
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  6. Mhm. So you don't want to exterminate Arabs/Muslims/Niggers?

    I'm confused now.
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    It depends if the guy is a law abding citizen or if the guy is a black lives matter thug. In the first case, just say hi and cross my path and in the second case make sure that he is not a threat to anyone.
    Why do you give so fucking much importance to Islam? Answer the question
  8. You are such a nitpicking douche nozzle twisting my words all the time. The best thing to do is to send them back to their country of origin. Unfortunately with the immigration shitstorm many european countries have had, we are heading sooner or later to a civil war. You can blame all this shit happening mostly because of the leftists and centrists. And why the centrists? Because whenever the situation arranges them, they change sides and they are even ready to sell out their own parents and children for money. Were you that fucking stupid and blind not to see that coming??? Islam isn't really compatible with other religions especially in Europe.
    The Brits have sharia courts:
    Are the brits happy with it? Certainly not
    Do you want the Europeans to be the submissive bitches of Arabs and Islam? Haven't you read enough how much violence, hatred and blood Islam has spread over the last two decades?
    Those are the questions you should ask yourself if you have a conscience and if you like your own country.
  9. Damn, he called you a twisting douche nozzle. Rekt
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  10. Yes I'm crying in the corner now.

    I could reply with something rude, call him a washing machine connector hose, etc. but I'm too emotionally rekt to do anything.

  11. Quite a lot of radical Muslims are born in Europe and are citizens of an European country. Where would you send these people? It's not like Morocco or Algeria would accept French, etc. immigrants because legally speaking they are French.

    Outside of the EU, there aren't really any areas left in the world that are reserved for the dumping of unwanted populations. You haven't given this much thought, have you? You haven't because it's not even your end plan, is it?

    It's not like Nazis initially wanted to exterminate the Jews. Relocation plans were made for Palestine and Madagascar. There was actually an economic bonus, or more like an emigration tax benefit that the Third Reich gave to Jews who moved to Palestine. Mass extermination started when they realized that arranging the transport of large amounts of Untermenschen against their will over long distances was neigh-on-impossible.

    Oh, they also initially banned only the Communist Party. Your ideas are like a carbon copy, seriously.

    It's not really twisting words if I come to the conclusion that your goal is to commit genocide. Hundreds of times on this site you have talked about "blowing muzzies brains out with an M1A" or "stabbing ghetto trash in the epiglottis with a Gerber Mk2", not once have you said anything along the lines of "that djihadist scum sure needs to be put in a boat and sent to Aruba". Do you now understand why I find your possibly-pretend non-genocidal attitude a bit surprising?


    I do not want Europeans "to be the submissive bitches of Arabs and Islam". Not anymore than I want Europe to become some Neo-Nazi far right dystopia.

    Maybe in your black-and-white world taking even a slightly moderate or rational stance equates to "kissing the asses of djihadist scum". Exactly how in the eyes of the radical left, anyone who has a job and isn't an anarchist bum is an oppressor and a fascist collaborator. Same shit, different toilet. Like how that ex-president Ahmadinejad, whom you clearly despise, is a conservative hardliner, currently gaining support because the current president Rouhani is "too soft and liberal". I'm quite convinced that if you were a Muslim in some alternative reality, you'd be one of these guys :

  12. no, behead those that believe in islam!
  13. we are slam
    we are slammies
  14. Breakfast grand slam umm
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    A threat is a threat. Tell me concretely what positive have the european countries gained with the muslim immigration aside drug trafficking, racketeering, terrorism, rape , underground economy and slendering christianism and judaism for their misfortune. Too easy, isn't it? I don't give a shit whether they are born in France or not. De Gaulle said many accurate things about arabs 5 decades before:

    "Who are the Arabs? The Arabs are a people who, since the days of Muhammad, never managed to establish a state ... Have you ever seen a seawall built by the Arabs? Nowhere. There is no such thing. The Arabs say they have invented algebra and built huge mosques. But it was entirely the work of Christian slaves they captured ... It was not Arabs themselves ... They can not do anything alone. " (Quoted by Cyrus Sulzberger, The last of the giants, Ed. Albin Michel, 1972)

    "Muslims, you went to see them? You've watched them with their turbans and their djellabas, you see that these are not French! Those who advocate integration have a hummingbird brains, even if they are very smart. Try to incorporate oil and vinegar. Shake the bottle. after a while they separate again. the Arabs are the Arabs, the French are French. You believe that the French body can absorb 10 million Muslims who tomorrow will be 20 million, and 40 after tomorrow? " (Quoted by A. Peyrefitte. It was de Gaulle. Ed Gallimard, 2000. Remarks made March 5, 1959)

    "We're still primarily a European people, Caucasian, of greek and latin culture and Christian religion. Try to incorporate oil and vinegar. Shake the bottle. After a while, they will separate again. the Arabs are the Arabs, the French are the French. You believe that the French body can absorb ten million Muslims, who tomorrow will be perhaps twenty million and forty after tomorrow? If we do the integration, if all Arabs and Berbers of Algeria were considered French, how to prevent-on to settle in France, while the standard of living is so much higher? My village wouldn't be Colombey-les Deux-Eglises anymore, but Colombey-les-Deux-Mosques! "
    (Quoted by B. Stora, the transfer of a memory, Ed. The discovery, 1999)

    Count how many people have been cowardly killed by the religion peace

    General Maddog Matthis was the best military leader USMC had
    Matthis would approve to blow the brains of any djihadist and of anyone who supports radical islamism. The ghetto trash are more a source of troubles than anything else, so why let them live and let them take advantage of the welfare train? Because you are that naive to believe that they won't commit crimes again and be law abiding citizens? Once a criminal always a criminal and you can't give forgiveness to a criminal.

    The far right is about protectionism, patriotism and always puting your own people before foreigners first. I will never say it is perfect but in those troubled times, the socialiSSts have proved who they were by their lack of patriotism and their cowardice. If you prefer foreigners to your own people then you are nothing than an unpatriotic douchebag and a gutless coward.
    Nazism was always and remains a far left ideology as was Facism because it was based on a state capitalism with socialist views.

    A threat is a threat, the goal of any law abiding citizens is to protect themselves, their families and friends against threats. This is possible in the USA where they have militias but not in Europe. Exception made of Switzerland, because they are the only country to have citizens soldiers who can at any moment intervene and neutralize the threat.

    Don't even portray me as a Muslim, because as an Orthodox , I have never had an appreciation for the religion of peace who treats women and kids like shit. The other problem is that moderate muslims are silent and don't condemn the acts of terror committed by radical muslims. If you are silent, then you are guilty as well whether you like it or not.
  16. Tee hee douche nozzle. I love that one.
  17. I don't need to list positive effects of Muslim immigration to you because I have never claimed that it has positive effects.
    I think you want to murder all Muslims (as well as some other ethnicities and members of political groups). You claimed that you want to relocate them instead. Who "they" are remains unknown.

    I pointed out that it's not that simple. An American citizen of German ancestry can't go to Germany without a visa (or ESTA) and a passport. Germany wouldn't probably let this person in the country, if it was evident that the person is there against his will, let alone grant him a residence permit. Finland tried to deport some Iraqis back to Iraq, Iraq said no. There's not much you can do at that point.

    I know you don't give a shit if someone is a French citizen or not and that you are ready to murder anyone who looks a bit different. Either admit it or come up with a decent plan instead of endless misplaced quotes and incoherent and erratic ranting.

    This is what ISIS and Kim Jong Un say. So we should start executing people for parking tickets now? Think again.

    This is like saying that Communism is a right-wing ideology = bullshit.


    "The majority of scholars identify Nazism in practice as a form of far-right politics.[10] Far-right themes in Nazism include the argument that superior people have a right to dominate over other people and purge society of supposed inferior elements.[11] Adolf Hitler and other proponents officially portrayed Nazism as being neither left- nor right-wing, but syncretic.[12][13] Hitler in Mein Kampf directly attacked both left-wing and right-wing politics in Germany"

    This is also wrong. Several European countries besides Switzerland have mandatory military service or various home guard militias. Then we could also question the efficiency of a conscript force vs a professional army in a crisis of rapid onset.

    Completely misread my point here as well. My point was to illustrate that totaliaritanism, extremism and conservatism exist across the political/ideological spectrum. Wahhabism is a strictly conservative branch of Islam, for example. Same shit, different toilet.
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    There are good muslims who are moderate but you don't see them protesting nor condemning the radical ones when an attack happens. As I have said in the past and I will repeat it again, I have absolutely no problems and no beefs with foreigners who are law abiding citizens, who integrated themselves very well in their welcoming country and who respect the customs and habits of the country where they migrated in.

    This is the case of asians and the former wave of russian, polish, czech, spanish, italian, german, belgian and dutch migrants that came in France from the 20's till the 60's. They integrated themselves very well. The Arabs, for some of them they integrated themselves well but for others not really. If your country Finland is run by socialists then I understand the situation, especially if the migrants are djihadist leaders or henchmen, you can't let them live in your own country because they represent a danger and a threat to it unless you are unresponsible and naive . Prison for life is the best thing they deserve.

    See in Russia, you never hear about Muslim attacks, because they know Putin is someone not to mess with.

    What I care about in my country as well as a big majority of the other citizens is not to be persecuted, agressed or harassed by a community who doesn't want to integrate itself because of its religious beliefs and because of its cheeky and highly inconsiderate behavior. In any country where you migrate in, there are dos and don'ts, the problem is that Arabs don't give a flying **** about those and ignore them. They think that the French owe them everything because of the French colonialist past. It is also why I said previously that in France, we will end sooner or later in a civil war.

    I understand your example with the American citizen but we are not talking about this issue. We are talking about people having dual citizenships, riding the welfare train for an overwhelming majority of them and who don't want to integrate themselves well in their welcoming countries. The rampant radical islamism problem is growing over two or three decades not only in France but in UK, Belgium and Germany and in other surrounding and neighboring european countries as well.

    Tickets are not the subject, so stop switching the subject, the subject is individuals who preach religious fanaticism combined with radicalism and call to murder anyone who isn't a muslim. Are you that thick skulled not to do understand that?

    The only european countries where there are a milicia except Switzerland are the following:
    But they are not comparable with the militias found in the US.

    You should always count on the effectiveness and rapidity of a small but well trained group of specialized instead of deplying a big contingent of people for solving a specific issue.

    There are some issues, you and I, we will never agree but having seen what have given 14 years of socialist presidency from 1981 til 1995 and now from 2012 till 2016, I say enough is enough. No, I am not politically correct but I am fed up with all the bullshit and the lame ass excuses the media tell to the people about not lumping Islam and terrorism.

    Do you think the UK is happy to have a sharia court and a muslim mayor in London??? Khan, London's mayor was linked to radical islamists.

    Why do you think that the Swiss have banned minarets back in 2009? Because they knew that constantly ceding to the religion of peace unlimited demands would pose a problem sooner or later.

    Mixing conservatism with extremism and totalitarianism would be like calling Margaret Thatcher or Ronald Regan as dictators when they weren't and when they were two of the most brilliant politicial leaders of their era, so what you say is just stupid and quite dumb.Both Reagan and Thatcher put the economies of their respective countries to their highest levels. The socialists never did well in terms of economics because socialism is the equal distribution of misery.
  19. Tickets? What?

    You clearly have no idea where to deport your muzzies, and quite possibly no intention either. If anyone keeps changing the subject, it's you.

    The French Muslim population is somewhere between 4,5-5 million. You clearly have no idea how many people that is. Incarcerating all of them wouldn't really be a viable option. The extensive concentration camp network of Nazi Germany had an inmate population peaking at around 750k. You'd need over 6 times more concentration camps than Hitler, assuming that the living conditions would be similar.

    If you talk about modern prisons... the largest prison in the US that's about 3/4 the size of Paris, has its own airstrip, etc., houses about 6300 inmates. Having a large enough number of these prisons would take up the land area of the Netherlands AND Belgium and would cost 3 times the entire military budget of France.

    Sounds like a plan!

    Didn't mix conservatism with extremism and totalitarianism either. I pointed out that they exist across the political spectrum. Learn to read.
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  20. I don't understand how anyone can support Hillary, so many people have died as a result of what she did in the middle east, her foreign policy is as bad as GWB and Cheney. She has already suggested she intends military intervention in Syria which is likely to mean outright war with Russia, Iran, Syria, Iraq and other allies. If that happens it will certainly spill into europe as Russia will have to split US forces across two fronts. If it stays non-nuclear Russia will likely push quite far into eastern europe NATO areas, they will rush with large numbers of tanks covered by extreme amounts of artillery. US armor won't get there in time and Europe got rid of theirs.

    People keep saying things like "well Hillary is the lesser evil" but I don't see it. All of Trumps screw ups and disliked policy consist of at worst saying mean things and harsh immigration rules. While the worst case scenario with Hillary is large scale war with multiple countries destroyed and death counts likely in the millions?

    You have people complaining about Trump suggesting they limit muslim travel to the US but then they plan to vote Hillary who is already responsible for extreme amounts of muslim civilian deaths and campaigning on policy that will kill more? Are these people insane? Or do Americans not know what has happened in the middle east the last 6 or 7 years?
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  21. Well, seeing he has somewhat flip-flopped on the imigrant "problem" and is now showing a softer line, I think he is history. The only thing he had going for him was his hard line on imigrants and Muslims.
  22. Eh it's not like Russia has such vital interests to protect in Syria that Putin would initiate a world conflict over it. Crimea/ the Baltic Sea theatre are a different story.
  23. Mm I dunno about the Baltics either. They're not on such bad terms with Latvia and Lithuania. It's just Estonia provoking by publicly removing war monuments and such in the least empathic ways. People that identify themselves as Russian there (about 25% of the population) tend to be discriminated against too. And even in that case I don't think Russia would do a second Crimea for the simple reason there's no majority of Russians in Estonia. I think the most provocative he could do (and get away with) is offering them citizenship/passport in the RusFed.

    It's also a lot of media panic in that region. A great number of people I talked with in ie. Poland genuinely fears an invasion of Putin. Not Russia: Putin. While, I could be wrong here, but I don't think there are many other countries in Europe nobody really is interested in. And even though Russia may perceive the EU/US-presence in Baltics, Poland, Romania, Turkey, Ukraine, Georgia, Moldova, etc. as a kind of NATO Warsaw Pact (thus a threat) 60 years later, I really don't think they're going Soviet on their asses like during Budapest '56 or something. It'd be an unbelievably naive and stupid thing to do.

    Crimea I could understand, with Ukraine in ruins and the great majority of the population identifying themselves as Russian, but other countries.. hard to imagine.
  24. Not talking about complete annexation of the Baltic States, I'm talking about establishing a stronger presence/taking control of the sea in the event of shit hitting the fan. A most likely scenario would be an overnight invasion of Gotland, Åland and possibly Saaremaa, while disrupting communications and utilities in the neighbouring NATO and non-NATO countries.

    While it would be an act of war against several countries, it would be a limited one and could be portrayed to the Russian public as a pre-emptive move that was necessary to protect Russia from hostile countries, as well as leaving the Russian forces in a defensive posture on the sea/islands and leaving the decision of initiating a full-scale war to NATO.
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  25. That's possible... but still, everytime a sub exits the gate of Kaliningrad it's headline news (shit, it even is when they don't, haha, hi sweden). But I don't think it'd get that far, mostly because I have a sneaking suspicion how RusFed is pretty amused how we're eliminating ourselves right now without with our open doors policies.
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