Anyone here that still thinks Trump should be President of the States?

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  1. Probably somewhere in the middle based on what? What reason is there to disbelieve their local news agency?

    The claim from that "treason" tweet was an obvious deliberate lie.

    Photographs and video can be taken in selective spots and at selectors times, even before or after the event itself. I can show you pictures from inside a sold-out 49ers game where the stands are nearly empty.
  2. How is it fluff? 3500 people showed up, the gymnasium was at capacity and people were being diverted to other holding areas, and some people didn't get in at all.
  3. I don't know enough about Omaha to suspect them of any political bias, but the 3,300 figure came from her campaigners who said that and they just took that number. I truly can not find it anywhere else.

    edit: so as I think they're both doing extremes, how about we'll settle for 1,500?
  4. I wasn't talking about the numbers.
  5. Then what were you talking about?
  6. That was 3300 in the gym alone, and on top of that authorities began diverting people to overflow rooms, and also some people couldn't get in at all.

    I'm not just going to arbitrarily come up with a smaller number because you prefer a smaller number.

    Considering this is a national presidential campaign and some of these events will fill up the tens of thousands of people, I don't know why 3300 is so unbelievable.

    It seems like you want the number to be smaller, and that's fine but you'll need to substantiate your claim.

    What we can substantiate is two things:

    1: The person you posted who tweeted there was only about 50 people was lying through her teeth.

    2: You were fooled by it.

    The real question here is, will you from now on cease using whatever source you got that from?
  7. 1. true (edit: already acknowledged)
    2. true (edit: already acknowledged)
    3. that twitter account can be rendered as not credible, the website I got that from (fooled all the same) I'll continue using

    I'm not going to spend alot of time doing research on max numbers in gyms in various places in the world, but 3,300 is alot, it's 1.5 times the complete number of students of my highschool (2,000), there's absolutely no way I could cram all of these in a gym. Same goes for concerts I went to with 1,200-2,000 attendance, I just can't imagine that in a gym, it really must be huge. So that's why I was sceptical.
  8. The picture not being what it seemed.
  9. It was a picture of a bunch of people in the bleachers, and there were a bunch of people in the bleachers. How is it not what it seems?
  10. The angle made it seem like more. Myspace angle.
  11. There are gymnasiums in the US that actually holds double and triple that amount.

    Do you consider a website that is so easily fooled that it can simply be accomplished by a Twitter posting, to which they do zero due diligence, to be credible? It took me 10 seconds to debunk it.

    Out of curiosity what is the website?
  12. There were reportedly 3300 people inside the gym. How many people did that picture make it look like there is?
  13. it often had direct govt and rep quotes
    It was used as side gag to respond to a column of a (leftist) newspaper regarding wikileaks
  14. But hey, I stand corrected then
  15. A lot.
  16. I have a strong feeling that Murika is one of those people who's real life friends don't like to have serious conversations with.
    Because he will beat a point to death. And force his opinion down their throats.

    Wrong or right sometimes the best answer is to say nothing.
    Every single topic you(murika) get involved in turn into a 40 page argument over opinion.
    Some of the things that you beat on as a serious problem with one candidate some people seriously don't see as a problem.
    You aren't the only one. But you are a common denominator in all these ridiculous conversations that have all of a sudden started happening on this site. This site used to be fun to come to to read the pure silliness. Now even when someone posts something with silly intentions you turn it into some serious PC conversation.

    So in short everybody lighten the **** up.
    When someone on this site starts in on moo, right or wrong. You know they are a twat.
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    seemed pretty civil

    .edit: though it turns out this particular event isnt a great example of media bias/narrative forming, we already know that the media has done cheerleading. They were in bed with the DNC, which was in bed with the Hillary campagin. Both orgs (media and DNC) are supposed to be neutral. The DNC is supposed to support everyone running their primary equally, and the emails released prove that they were puffing up Hillary and attacking Sanders, even thinking up false stories for their friends in the media to push out. The media was running its stories by the DNC (and the hillary campaign) and taking talking points from them directly. Fucking Gross.

    These pictures dont illustrate that, but I think they do serve as a reminder not to swallow the shit you get spoon fed
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  18. I wasn't referring to just this thread. I was generalizing
  19. are you talking about the one with etb
    you would really put that shit show on murika?
  20. Not any one thread in particular. And I said he isn't the only one. He just is the common denominator in most of them. And so is etb for that matter.
    I respect how well read and passionate Murika is about all this. I just want people to take a valium and chill. Get some of the fun and sillyness back. This site is stressful now
  21. Trump-Sanders card so everyone's head explode.
    I'd take Sanders over Clinton in a heart beat. I may not agree with him, but Clinton is corrupt as ****.
    Part of me would even take him over Trump. But the "crazy white boy" in me wants to see what crazy antics would happen with Trump.
  22. Penis.
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  23. All I guess I am trying to say is that I'm feeling very triggered.
  24. triggered.jpg
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  25. ok i get it
    we are talking about stressful shit lately. the world seems like a crazy place

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