Anyone know anything about kitchen knives

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by op, Dec 2, 2010.

  1. the engineer has spoken
  2. I just upgraded , went with mostly henckel pro s , but got a Tojiro veg knife ... the link you posted looks like the cheap henckel stuff with the weak bolster. Henckel is a great knife but its all about the serries you get ....
  3. I bought my mom a japanese knife as present once, but honestly I don't think it's any better than her Solingen blades, more like the opposite. I guess the mroe expensive, the better, no matter where it's from.
  4. you dont need a knife to cut open a bag of cheetos there tim
    just use your fingers to peel it open
  5. but his fingers are covered in cheese dust from the last bag he opened...
  6. exactly, then how do i get it open?
  7. just get some wet wipes out of your fanny pack
  8. ya i think its the shitty henckels, fudge.
  9. You shouldn't even be sharpening a good knife, you should have someone doing it for you. Honing it you can do, though.

    And I'd go with a chef's knife. My bro has a 10" Shun and it's crazy how sharp that mo-fo is.
  10. Don't even wanna know how gross your keyboard is if you can't get that second bag open.
  11. With a decent knife sharpener its really easy to do yourself.
  12. They need to be sharp.
  13. #@$%ing American always need underpaid Mexico nigger to sharpen knife, take care of child and clean everything shiny because too incompetent and useless.

    A knife stays sharp and shiny if you show it some steel before use it. It takes 5 %§$#ing seconds. And #@%$ all your fancy "diamond rod" shit that's too abrasive for a donkey's vagina stimulator you €%&$ing cUUnts.

    Wheel man says that when you drop knife on floor you need to sharpen it but he is wrong. If constantly botch knife on floor, person needs sharpening, not the knife.
  14. %$#@ing plastic EEZY-COMFORT knife sharpener #@%&[email protected]&

    Learn to use a %$&@ing wetstone instead of plastic TOMchee-TOH plastic tomato knife

    You guys not even "cook from scratch" what you need knives for?

    Just go work at wendy
  15. The France and Japan devil style knives is damascus steel, yes. Cleaver and flexible knife is not. I spend my small salary on food so I don't have camera maybe.

  16. Same. I have a Wustof one, but the rest of my set are Henkel. If I could use it for peeling vegetables, I would.
  17. need knife for hacking open box of EZ Kraft macaroni&cheese
    also need E-Z comfort handle becaus my skin is very moist and get hard to hold with sweat maybe
  18. My chef's knife is a pro s, so happy with it. Only complaint is the edges on the top of the blade are kinda sharp.
  19. hahahaha maybe person needs sharpening not knife !!!

    hahaha omg dude
  20. Henckels can be good but not the made in China ones. Check the packaging, the cheaper ones are made in China so use lower quality steel. German and Japanese steel is great but Chinese steel not so much.
  21. Suck my fat tits!

    It's not great leap anymore ok. My DVD cart is buirld out of China steel and is working quite well.
  22. the twins series is german made.
  23. fuu, henckels are so sick. Especially the full-tang 10" chef knife. Looks so #$%#ing bad compared to the 8" ones.
  24. you know what's better than a knife?

    a Vita Prep 3 blender

    I have one sitting in my kitchen right now

    we made snow cones and Pop Tart milkshakes

    try doing that with a knife

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