Anyone seen a Torrent for the new Senna film?

Discussion in 'Motorsports' started by The Drift God, Feb 6, 2011.

  1. Was going to get tickets out here at the Sundance Film Festival but they where sold out and too expensive for me second hand... sooooo... anyone know of a torrent for the new film?
  2. It haven't been released in Europe (English version)yet.
    So far a Japanese and Brazilian (Portuguese)version have been released.
    The English version will be released during the British GP.
  3. The film was at Sundance, and it's going to play at the Adelaide film festival.

    I haven't looked for a torrent as I think it's unlikely that someone has torrented a decent quality capture, if anyone has at all.
  4. Ok.

    Yeah, you're probably right.
  5. There hasnt been any cam torrents I've seen... Dont think its too easy to sneak the needed equipment into Sundance.
  6. Supposedly it's amazing as a documentary. It swept the docu category at sundance.
  7. Woo! Didn't know that, and its showing at a cinema not far from me! Adelaide wins!
  8. Ach! I KNOW! Its makes me wish I would have paid the $80 per ticket to go. Its only a half hour drive for me to get up to Park City... what I fun night that woudl have been. :'(
  9. this, was, ayrton, senna
  10. So whats it called anyway?
  11. Isn't it still called "Senna"?
  12. Yup.
  14. I ain't got no codes bro
  15. Senna.2010.DVDrip.x264-OP.mkv

    Enter that into google, and ye shall find.
  16. Think I'm gonna wait for an English version...or am I
  17. Dont bother with the extended version if you havent seen the Original first. Video cuts out to what should have just ben a commentary track right when things start to get interesting.

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