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  1. After spending $80,000 out of pocket on US medical treatment (my insurance denied my claims) and not recovering, I will be going to one of the top medical centers in the world. Paracelsus Institute treats the underlying causes of chronic or terminal diseases with an integrative medicine approach. My doctor said they're about 50 years ahead of the US in terms of stem cell treatment so that is encouraging.

  2. Still suffering from lyme disease? Shit dude
  3. Strange, I thought it was pretty well established in New York.
  4. Seems to me that if you spend 80k on treatment, you should reasonably be able expect 80k worth of outcome. Is there no legal recourse for having blown a shitload of money on a lot of nothing?
  5. They can cure economic collapse?
  6. ya he said Switzerland
  7. Good luck, hope it goes well in Switzerland
  9. Don't die. We're not done making fun of you.
  12. What do you have? Ebola?
  13. Hey #$%#ing prick, how many times do I have to say it. I was wrong. It is impossible to predict the time of a currency crisis or major stock market crash. I was a fool and was wrong. But thanks for bringing that up again for the 17th time; and you wonder why this forum is dying...
  14. Yes, it wasn't just lyme disease; I tested positive for several other tick borne diseases. I also had Babesiosis which is fatal in about 20% of the cases according to the New York dept. of health.

    If the infections are properly diagnosed and treated early on, there is a very high recovery rate, about 80%. When it is missed and the infections spread to the spinal column and brain, the bacteria and parasites are then able to hide and avoid the antibiotics. The strongest IV antibiotic only has about 35% blood brain barrier penetration which isn't enough to do the trick.

  15. New York on average has a slightly better cure rate than some other states. However, when I was being treated in Philadelphia, there were quite a few people from New York who also came south for treatment. New York doctors are much better at diagnosing it than doctors in PA and MD.
  16. I actually LOL'd at that
  17. No not really. Its the same situation with cancer. People will spend thousands on chemotherapy but the cancer will continue to spread.

    Granted the treatment did bring me back from the brink of death in early 2013. So although I'm far from being 100% right now, I guess I'm no longer knocking on death's door and in the hospital as frequently as I used to be.
  18. Thanks. I think I'll also check out 'driving heaven' that the 3 wise-men on BBC discovered if I'm feeling better and can find a good rental car in Zurich.
  19. Not the only thing that's dying amirite
  20. good luck with your treatment in Switzerland
  21. Damn. Strength for recovering from this. We have had this and then that other virus related tick illness plaque our coastal area and due to warming climate even mainland.

    Theres now a vaccine for the viral deciase and Im hopeful for a medical treatment for the Borreliosa in near future.
  22. But the United States has the best healthcare system in the world! He is making a mistake coming to socialist Europe with ghetto leeches clogging the healthcare systems. It's against God and completely leftist not to pay large amounts of money to private insurance companies so they can refuse to pay for your treatment.
  23. hopefully all comes out good for you. and do take the time if possible to drive the alps
  24. There's a lot more to Europe than Top Gear's driving roads, but something like the route from Davos to Stelvio is a pretty good start

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