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  1. my downstairs neighbor moved out last month
    my upstairs neighbor moved out on thursday
    i could totally have a loud technopartie or watch big bang theory on max volume and not get scolded by the **** in the office
  2. I listen to my stereo every bit as loud as I like, often very late in the evening or even into the morning hours almost every day, and I probably pay less than you.

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  3. I have a weird split level where my living space is downstairs, but the only person above me is my own unit. So I live in an apartment, have a ~100 second commute to work, but can still make whatever noise I want.

  4. I miss my last apartment. I was lucky and got the only section where it was my apartment, one above mine, and a hallway that separated the two apartments next door. And the people above me were quiet. Sadly, they tore it down to build a shopping center.
  5. I heard my neighbor moaning today. She was having fun lol
  6. I have a house. Can be as loud as I want.
    And actually just put an offer on another house today. 185 kms from town. 160 acres. One house with 3 barns and two shops. All off the grid. Diesel generators and solar panels for power and a small hydro generator in the creek that runs through the property and a pond stocked with rainbow trout. 10 acres of hay field and 10 acres of fenced pasture. The rest of the 160 acres is unfenced.
  7. Could make noise, but getting old and not having that need to do so. :(
  8. I live in an apartment on a noisy street in the city center. But the acoustics in our building is pretty good. Yesterday the next door neighbor played some loud music, but I could only hear it from the kitchen. Double-glazed windows help take the edge off the noise from the street. We can play music/movies quite loudly without getting complaints.

    In my previous apartment, I shared a bedroom wall with the next door neighbors' living room. The assholes would throw parties on weeknights and I had to use threats to make them stop. I generally lost that battle.
  9. I live in an apartment in a very quiet area with no noise and near to the river. 5 mins far from town and 15 mins far from the railway station
  10. I've lived in a basement apartment once upon a time, a condo, and a semi-detach.

    I will never live in a multi-residence environment ever again. Now I have a house and I'm never going back. I hate people so much.
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  11. What you going to do with all that?
  12. If the multi residence is composed of huge buildings then I can understand of you not wanting to live there anymore. The residence where I live is only composed of two buildings with only one floor each, it is very quiet and neighbors are respectful of each other. Also, if you are a do it yourself man, you can save a lot expenses when renovating a house. There is also a long run credit that comes in question when buying a house because not everyone can stash 750000€ or 1000000€ sometimes more for buying a house (this is what costs a nice house in my town). Also there are the factors of taking care of the house and doing the minor and major works all the time because there are always things to upgrade to the latest security norms which aren't cheap.
  13. Escape the zombies
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  14. I only have downstairs and neigbhours on both sides. The houses are from the 1930's. If i fart or talk on the phone the neighbors can hear. Downstairs neighbors complain a lot. Saying that my cat makes too much noise if he walks for example. Bitches.
  15. Drill hole in your floor and pump a bunch of carbon monoxide in their room.
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  16. What sort of noises do you make? My bet is on propeller noise.
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  17. I actually got my (surprisingly) first noise complain the other morning because I was listening to Chinx Drugz too loud while I got ready for work. I've had 40" tall Merak monitors for over a year now and that was the first complaint I've got so I guess that's not bad.
  18. [​IMG]
  19. God damn that pose makes me laugh every time, regardless of the context.
  20. I can't live with people too close. Hell, current house is ~25 feet for either's neighbor's houses and it annoys me.
    I'm so lucky 5/6 of my neighbors are very good and respectful people.
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  21. You are indeed because many times conflicts with neighbors are unavoidable
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  22. But you can always settle them with a .44 magnum, right?
  23. No need of a gun in quiet neighbors, otherwise prosecute the shitty neighbors in court and file a written complaint with all evidence against them if the troubles are serious. The 44 magnum is needed only if you live in a very shitty and uber desperate full of ghetto trash motherfuckers and healthcare leech offs neighborhood like St Denis in France or the Bronx in the USA.
  24. I also want to shoot cancer patients with .44 magnum, and it just adds to my rage if they happen to be disabled and homeless. Healthcare leeches are the worst.
  25. Cancer patients are not criminals so stop posting such retarded shit. Put yourself in the shoes of someone suffering from cancer. I am talking about welfare cases and those who cheat and abuse massively the social system in order to get social housing, free healthcare, free social security and unmerited social helps.

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