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  1. is the best music there is. BARLESS
  2. there good. not the best, but there good.
  3. yes
  4. Not the best but ok.
  5. Welcome to like 20 years ago.

    EDIT: Also, ya. I can listen to it all day.
  6. i have liked aphex twin for a 1000 years but there was no thread about the bust music ever so i decided to construct one.
  7. I like the ambient shit.
  8. i like the film clip to one of their songs, dont remember which one, where the guys face is on everything...
  9. That's called: Every Aphex Twin video ever.

    (Not really, but most)
  10. I really hate it when people call Aphex Twin either The Aphex Twins, or 'them'

    It's one #$%#ing guy
  11. one guy can make awesome music. i'm also diggin this panda bear album i DLed
  12. Same here for Nine Inch Nails.

    Anyway, his albums definitely aren't very cohesive, I skip through a lot of the tracks, but the ones that I don't I like very much.
  13. I used to be really into him. I have 12 RDJ CDs and drukqs on vinyl (which is AWESOME). I was just big into IDM in general, though. I have a ton of u-ziq and Boards of Canada as well. I don't listen to it very often anymore, but I still definitely enjoy it. BoC is probably my favorite (Geogaddi in particular).
  14. I am so pleased to hear someone give u-ziq some props. I have all of his albums - which is more than enough. He (Mike Paradinas) and Aphex Twin (Richard James) both started the IDM revolution. I have always been more into u-ziq than AT, but I love both almost equally.

    I give lots of credit to u-ziq for getting me started with what I do today. I remember the first song I heard by him so well. It was Phiesope - and to this day, few songs will make me smile more.

    I have 3 songs I credit to getting me into the electronic scene. That is one of them. The other two are Da Funk, by Daft Punk, when it first came out - and everyone was like "Whoa, what the hell is this?" and the 3rd being Toxygene, by The Orb.
  15. Not related to this post at all, but I work in the Help Desk for a large hospital company and someone called in because the wallpaper on a PC was set to that picture that is your avatar. They had another PC that had a cat with pink hair as well. I thought it was a pretty strange picture then and now.
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  17. you posted phiescope on here a few years back, and its been one of my favourite tracks since.
  18. Your avatar reminds me of my business card.

    Which reminds me that I can't believe I have never posted a picture of my business card. I'll try to do that tomorrow. It's very patriotic. I designed it about a year ago, and am finally running out.
  19. One of the better techno choices. Lol @ Come 2 daddy mummy mix.
  20. the music is crap, the videos are awesome.
  21. Dude, you're an electronica fan that thinks Aphex Twin is crap? WTF man.
  23. there's tons of genres within electronic music.

    it's the same as saying you like rock music, you instantly like metallica.
  24. Give me his best album or two. I only have Drukqs on the HD.

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