Apple set to shaft early iPad buyers

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    By Nick Farrell
    Tuesday, 9 February 2010, 11:35

    DO YOU REMEMBER when everyone said that Steve Jobs was evil for shafting early adopters by dropping the price of his Iphone just a few months after it had been released?

    Well it seems that Steverino is planning to pull a similar stunt on the gullible fanbois who will queue up to buy his giant Ipod Touch when it first comes out.

    Wired is reporting that Apple has already said that if sales of the Ipad aren't brisk enough it will drop the price to make the gadget sell.

    The problem is that after all the excitement of the first week is over Apple will have a long way to go before it hits the targets that it needs to hit.

    Charlie Wolf with Needham & Company said that sales of the Ipad are likely to ramp slowly, but that "the $500 starting price point is low enough to attract a sizable portion of the early adopter crowd, consisting of Iphone and Ipod owners."

    Apple makes its money back off of them and then has to try to give the gadget some mass appeal. The only way to do that is by dropping the price to a more reasonable level. Just like it did with the Iphone.

    This means that dropping the price is almost a certainty, particularly as there are signs that interest in the Ipad is already sloping off. Punters are waking up to the fact that it is a giant Ipod and really not useful and the marketing Kool-Aid hype is apparently fast wearing off.

    After all $500 is a pretty steep price for a slow netbook without a keyboard or decent operating system.

    The Ipad costs only about $270 to make so there is a lot of leeway on profit margins. Certainly a drop in price to $399 or even lower strikes us as more reasonable.

    What many Apple fanbois do not understand is that the Ipad is a niche product and few people will actually want it. Probably only those lame fewls who queue up to buy it on the first night.

    These are exactly the people who Jobs will annoy if he makes any price cuts. The last time he did that he actually said he was sorry. But in doing it again he will be like the schoolyard bully who punches you and is made to apologise by the teacher. The moment the teacher's back is turned he socks you again.

    Fortunately for Apple its fanbois don't seem to mind. They love the attention and justify it to themselves as part of Jobs' genius.

    With its early adopters not minding about being ripped off, Apple can then concentrate on trying to gull those who were a little more careful with their cash. ยต
  2. That's not shafting. Thats reacting to market pressure. #$%# off.
  3. Very true. Though tt's not going to stop me from laughing at people who HAVE to have every new trinket the day it comes out, even though it'll be cheaper to wait a few months.
  4. ipad buyers deserve whatever they get
  5. iPad isn't even running a full OS...not only that it doesn't even support a stylus for writing, WTF is up with that?
  6. It's like that with a lot of new hardware.
  7. This article forgets to mention the fact the apple gave everyone who bought the iphone at its release price $100 in apple merchandise credit when they dropped the price.... That was actually very generous of them. You think Canon gives you a dime when one of its cameras drops in price?
  8. "The iPad costs only about $270 to make..."

  9. They should sell it for more.
  10. **** the ipad
  11. shit, these articles are always so terribly written.
  12. We get it, you love EVERYTHING Nick Farrel writes. Stop posting it. If we wanted to read everything he had to say, we'd be members of

    And we get it Nick, you hate everything the apple company does [as do I usually] but its just getting stupid. Writing an article about the speculation that a company MIGHT cut prices if sales are slow?
  13. Nick Farrel IS the source. Nick Farrel doesn't care what SG&A is either.
  14. Im surprised he didn't say "fruity computer company" in that article.
  15. Jesus, no longer just fixing clutches.
  17. At least its not a 15000 dollar coffee table.
  18. The $270 figure apparently comes from a material bill analysis. But you are right, that only accounts for material costs and does not take into account the manufacturing and administrative costs of selling the product.

    I just don't get these fanboy "journalists". Surely they must realise that continually slagging off a brand isn't going to earn them a reputation as somebody whose opinion is worth a damn.

    This said, the iPad is retarded.

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