Apple Watch Pricing Rumours

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Veyronman, Nov 4, 2014.

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    #$%#ing LOL

    For those who can't be bothered to click the link, base price from $349 (aluminium), from $500 for steel... then there are rumours floating around saying that the gold "Apple Watch Edition" will be $4-5k

    Just let that sink in for a moment.

    the lower end of the scale is expected tbh, but the gold one? haha!

    I think we all know what burner will be adding to his christmas letter to santa/daddy.
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    I am going to get one, but for my right wrist, and I will continue to wear my proper watch on my left wrist. I will get the cheapest one available, as long as it doesn't lose functionality.

    I don't think they will charge anything like 5k for the iwatch in gold, its just a ridiculous rumour.

    I'll also be paying for it myself.
  3. Every time you talk about this thing you can't resist mentioning that you're going to be wearing two watches like a dink. We already know you're a dink.
  4. I've talked about it twice on here, including this thread, so yes, 100% of the time. Ill be wearing 2 watches because Im not taking off my expensive watch, which hasn't left my wrist in a decade for more than a minute, and I will use the iwatch for sms, phone calls, emails and sport, the other watch is for time, and it never comes off, at the beach, in the pool, at night, in the shower. Never ever.
  5. the gold editions are only going to be coated, too
    5k for solid gold would be a good price
    5k for coated of lolerskates

    also lol what kind of #%$got wears 2 watches?
    a) a gigantic one
  6. If hipsters started doing it, you would be on that shit like a fatboy on a hotdog.
  7. dunno
    hipsters at least have a modicum of style
  8. Shut up hipster.
  9. I don't like wearing watches at all. I hope this smartwatch thing won't actually pick up.
  10. ha 2 watches ...

    I've heard the gold one will be expensive and made from quality materials to cater to the watch guy who would not even consider something like apple usually

    but I really doubt they could move enough at 5k , maybe 1k

    honestly I like the idea of the apple watch for the gym ... but its never going to knock the IWC or Tag off my wrist for day to day I see the idea of catering to the "watch guy" but its never going to be what I want in a expensive main watch.
  11. I don't think many watch guys will drop 5k on a gold plated one, though, because watch guys spend money on watches that last.
    A shitty Apple watch will last 3 years.
  12. if being a hipster is not looking like a retard then sign me up
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    Ridiculous, indeed

    "Apple's smartwatch collection will range in price from $349 to $17,000 (£299 to £13,500 in the UK) depending on the metals they are made from and the straps they are bought with."
  14. I really don't get why you would need a smartwatch, then again i didn't get smartphones either couple of years ago
  15. And you know that as a first gen product it's going to be shit with a clunky OS and terrible battery life.
  16. Smartphones can do a lot of things for you when you're on the move.
    Smartwatches do one thing, and that's stop you pulling your smartphone out of your pocket.

    Don't see the point in them either.
  17. better than I expected I guess, I just still can't see it knocking off a nice timepiece from my wrist.

    Maybe the functionality will be needed when phones are as big as they are getting. Considering the priceI'll probably get one for the gym.
  18. I know the gold one has a decent amount of gold. But 10 K damn , on the other hand I think about some people with so much money who also love apple products who are going to think the same thing I do about the sport one.
  19. Maybe 6" phones are a ploy to sell more smartwatches. Wouldn't surprise me.
  20. 10K for an Apple watch... There are so many very very cool watches you can get for that price. Crazy!
  21. You can get so many very very cool cars for that much.
  22. You could get a cool car and a cooler watch.
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    Yeah that pricing is ridiculous. Shows how out of touch Apple executives are with the real world. I guess when your yearly bonus is $100 million in share options, $20k on what amounts to a disposable watch seems reasonable. To me this watch is a big fail. I'd pay $400 for one of it had a week of battery life, but at 18 hours they are having a laugh.
  24. The only smartwatch I want is the Omega from GoldenEye 64
  25. its a lot of dough

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