Apple Watch Pricing Rumours

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Veyronman, Nov 4, 2014.

  1. I have that watch, it doesn't have a laser.
  2. Does it have a garrote?
  3. No. But it tells the time. I guess I could throw it at someone and hurt them. Or maybe shove it down their throat and choke them.
  4. The ability to choke someone is something I feel is essential when looking for a new watch.

    something something msn... something something chin implant. Anyone else remember that quote verbatim?
  5. I'll never understand the watch craze. We go from big phones, to small phones, back to big LCD's, now to watches. Next, they'll just throw a strap on the new Galaxy Note so you can have a 6" screen attached to your wrist.
  6. can you get on msn, id like to take about your watch
  7. My question is, does the Apple watch have the potential to become a big commercial success? Or will it be one the failed Apple products? In other words, is it a good time to buy APPL stock?
  8. Historically it's almost always a good time to buy appl stock

    I think it will be a success, as to if its going to be as successful as the analysts predict ?
  9. I buy supply chain resources, not end company most of the time. When it was rumoured that the F150 was going to be made of aluminium, I bought up, and was rewarded with a 70% increase on ALCOA since April last year. This year I bought up gold as Apple is rumoured to required 273tonnes of gold a year for the iWatch, 25% of world production.
  10. +1
    Totally agree on that there might be lucrative opportunities to be found on less known companies acting as suppliers to "star" companies like apple or ford.
  11. I like the LG G Watch R a lot. I just want something to buzz or light up or something when I get a notification. At least this one looks like a real watch.
  12. I kinda like the Urbane, I think
  13. I'm really digging tissot and victorinox watches

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