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Discussion in 'General Chat' started by whoa, Apr 17, 2006.

  1. is giving me a heartattack for this iPod. How do I put songs on it? Like seriously, why am I having so much trouble with this, I'm not that retarded am I?
  2. Put songs in iTunes, then plug in iPod
  3. You probably are.
  4. If you can't put songs on an iPod with iTunes you shouldn't be allowed near anything running on electricity...
  5. Seriously who ever programmed this needs to die. It keeps saying my iTunes is essentially "too new" and just stops the instillation. And it says do not unplug iPod for a long time. Then I turn off my laptop and unplug it and there is no songs on it. WTF! Maybe something is wrong with it.

  6. Perhapse you need to update the firmware.
  7. lol wut?
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  9. My god, i had to install my new iTunes, and install some older version. I love Apple, but this is rediculous.

    Also, my iPod has NOTHING on it, but now its telling me there's 5gigs of something. wtf....
  10. itunes is so damn slow on my computer, it clogs up everything. it pisses me off.
  11. I like it but ya its a disgusting RAM and CPU Queen.
  12. What the hell took up a mestirious 5gigs...
  13. Flash it with the latest firmware, install the latest iTunes, all problems solved...
  14. No man, Apple is retarded. I had the latest iTunes and that was the problem. I had to get v4.1.4 or something, and now the transfers work, but there's still a mystery 5 gigs of something...
  15. Ok so I just did that. Plugged it into the wall when it said and now it wont turn on... Jesus christ.
  16. and people say windows is bad....

    but seriously, i had problems with my ipod when i installed everything. It sucked. I forget what was the problem, but i didnt have to get an older/newer version of itunes. It was something to do wtih the firmware or something.
  17. ya i'm having problems with that now. It just wont turn on after i did the stupid firmware.
  18. so you downloaded the ipod updater software from the appple site?

    after that i just opened up itunes and it automatically detected my ipod. Once it had been detected, i right clicked on it (theres an icon where all your playlists are) and click update ipod.
  20. it involves more than just putting songs on it. Its simple once its all working, but if it doesnt work for some reason, then you're stuffed.
  21. The iPod just wont turn on now after i dL'd the new updater.
  23. Exactly. Now I just can't turn it on/do anything to it. The updater I put on might have #$%#ed it up and I can't access it/reset it nothing.
  24. my brother had problems like this with his, you may have put on all that music in a format that the ipod wont play, so its just sitting on the disc and it doesnt show up at all when you turn on your ipod.
  25. maybe if you didnt have a piece of shit computer it wouldnt be a problem. I have never ever had a problem with any apple software on my pc or mac.

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