April 2004, Chevy High Performance

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  1. What and Idea the edditors of CHP and Hot Rod have come up with! A 2005 (?) Chevrolet Chevelle SS? Wonderful...But could it ever happen? I think the folks at GM are getting serious, considering the changes happening at Ford and Chrysler. The new LX platform and updates on the Mustang should be enough for a vehicle like this to go into production. The GTO is a great car, the Chevelle should be just as good. The entire platform needs to be spread around GM North America's companies so that the idea of serious GM RWD performance becomes a reality today. The days of the '96 Impala SS are long forgotten, and the all-powerful F-Body has died a horrible death. So how about a serious contender to the mid market RWD drive cars? The Chevelle is the perfect answer. I dont care if its got a supercharged 3800 V6 or an LS1...We need to fill a perfromance gap. The Germans and the Japanese have invaded our territory, and we need to knock them back. I dont like having POS Civics and 350Zs out mingling with the likes of the Mustang GT and Camaro Z28. Gas mileage be damned, we need cars like this. If GM still has any common sence, they will listen to the other half of Gen-Y. The Other Half (To which I Belong) wants nothing but RWD performance, no matter if it is driven by a V6 or V8...As long as we can put it to this "Fast and Furious" crowd, we will be happy. Do it well, and do it at a cheap price, and we will come in droves. Look how well Scion is doing. They do exactly what the kids want, and they are making huge profits. GM needs to tend to the other halfs needs, build an affordable RWD car, and stick it to the imports.
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    it will happen, cars made from holdens 2005 ve commodore platform will be exported to america. this will include a new gto, a chevy el camino and hopefully thee commodore which is a 4 door sedan. they wil have either the ls2 v8 or gm's new hfv6 which can also be found in the cts caddy but the holden version will be more powerful and 3.8l

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