Arabs are so retarded

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    1. Everything is chill at Gaza
    2. Arabs start launching rockets into Israel
    3. Israel whoops Arab ass with superior weapons
    4. Arabs cry that they weren't doing anything and have no idea why Israel is attacking them.

    I don't really get why they continue to do this shit. It never works out well for them.

    GAZA CITY (CNN) -- Israeli jets pounded Hamas targets in Gaza and Hamas militants launched more rockets into Israel, as Palestinian security sources said Sunday that at least 277 people had been killed and hundreds wounded.

    Israel will call up 7,000 reserve soldiers, Defense Minister Ehud Barak said during the weekly Cabinet meeting. He told ministers he planned to present the measure to two Knesset committees, which must approve the action.

    Meanwhile, Israeli ground troops and tanks were deployed around Gaza. However, there is no indication of a ground operation inside Gaza.

    The U.N. called for a halt to hostilities, but Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert said at the Cabinet meeting that the operation "is liable to continue for some time, perhaps more than can be foreseen at the present time."

    Hamas, too, showed no signs of backing down.

    For a second day, black plumes of smoke rose above Gaza City as makeshift ambulances screamed down rubble-strewn streets, taking wounded Palestinians to hospitals already crowded with hundreds of patients wounded this weekend. Watch parts of Gaza reduced to shambles »

    Terrified people huddled in their basements for safety, with few venturing outside, said Dr. Eyad El-Sarraj, a psychiatrist who runs Gaza's mental health program.

    "The children are terrified," El-Sarraj said. "Adults are unable to provide them with security or warmth. Hospitals are stretched out of the limits. We need blood and medicine and surgical equipment."

    He further warned that Gaza is heading for "a major humanitarian disaster" unless the fighting ends.

    The U.N. Security Council ended a four-hour emergency meeting Sunday with a call for an immediate halt to hostilities and a re-opening of border crossings to allow humanitarian supplies to reach Gaza.

    The Palestinians' U.N. envoy said if Israel does not halt attacks within 48 hours, Arab delegations will demand stronger action from the Security Council.

    Israel gave in to requests from the Red Cross and others to allow 16 trucks loaded with fuel, food and medical supplies into Gaza through the Kerem Shalom crossing Sunday morning.

    The Red Cross and World Food Program trucks, which carried rice, wheat and medical supplies, were the first deliveries allowed by Israel since 80 trucks moved through Friday after Israel opened three border crossings.

    A senior Israeli military official said 160 tons of humanitarian supplies passed through the Kerem Shalom crossing Sunday morning.

    "Our targets are terrorists," the official said. "We don't want Palestinian people to suffer more than is needed." Watch an ambassador say Israel is only defending itself »

    The official said the air raids would continue and that Israeli ground troops deployed around Gaza will "be activated if needed."

    "We can't stop every rocket launch," the senior military official said, adding that Israel aims to greatly reduce them.

    More than 110 Hamas rockets have been launched into Israel by Hamas militants since Saturday morning, an Israel Defense Forces spokesman said. An Israeli man died when a rocket slammed into a home Saturday, IDF said.

    An Israeli police spokesman said that one rocket landed north of Ashkelon, which sits about 6 miles (10 kilometers) north of the Gaza border. The city has been a frequent target of missiles launched from Gaza.

    Gaza City's main police station and jail were hit by Israeli missiles Sunday morning, according to a Gaza-based journalist.

    At least two people were killed when a missile struck the Seraya compound, which houses various Hamas military organizations in central Gaza City. Another two people were killed when an airstrike hit a vehicle.

    Missiles also hit near the Beit Hanoun City Hall, according to a reporter there, and Palestinian sources said Israeli bombs fell on the Palestinian side of the Rafah tunnels on the Egyptian border with southern Gaza.

    The IDF spokesman said Israel had struck 210 Hamas targets since Saturday morning.

    "People are suffering and dying because of shortages of medical equipment," said Dr. Mahmoud el-Khazndar, who works at Gaza City's Shifa Hospital. "The hospital is not accustomed to accept mass casualties like this."

    The Egyptian government sent 20 ambulances and medical personnel to its border with Gaza, an Egyptian official said.

    Riyad Mansour, the Palestinian envoy to the U.N., said the casualty toll in the past day forced U.N. Security Council members to confront Israel to end the attacks. Watch Mansour condemn attacks »

    The Security Council issued a brief press statement which fell short of the resolution that the Palestinians requested.

    The statement expressed "serious concern at the escalation of the situation in Gaza," but it did not single out Israel or Hamas when it called for "an immediate halt for all violence."

    Israel's ambassador to the U.N., Gabriela Shalev, responded that her country was only defending itself from Hamas rocket attacks.

    "The last days were so bad that we had to say, and did say, 'Enough is enough,' " Shalev said. "The only party to blame is the Hamas."

    Hamas, however, vowed to retaliate, saying Israel had violated an Egyptian-brokered cease-fire intended to stem violence in the region.

    "We will stand up, we will defend our own people, we will defend our land and we will not give up," senior spokesman Osama Hamdan said. Read reactions to Israel's strike on Gaza »

    The U.S. ambassador to the U.N., Zalmay Khalilzad, supported Israel's contention that it was up to Hamas to stop the violence.

    "Israel has the right to self defense and nothing in this press statement should be read as anything but that," Khalilzad said.

    The United States has cautioned Israel, however, to avoid civilian casualties. Israeli leaders maintain they are attempting to do so.

    Saeb Erakat, adviser to Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas, urged Israeli and Hamas leaders to enact another cease-fire.

    "I believe this is the only way out. I don't think this problem can be solved through military means. Violence will breed more violence," he said Saturday.

    The power base for Abbas' Fatah party is in the West Bank. The party is locked in a power struggle with Hamas, which won parliamentary elections in January 2006 and wrested Gaza from Fatah in violent clashes last year. Abbas, a U.S. ally, wields little influence in Gaza.
  2. it's all about their gaming PC benchmarks.
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  4. "I don't really get why they continue to do this shit. It never works out well for them." -- The Drift King

    "[Ishmael] will be a wild donkey of a man; his hand will be against everyone and everyone's hand against him, and he will live in hostility toward all his brothers." -- Genesis 16:12

    The foolish decisions of Arabian peoples really shouldn't surprise you, Spyder.
  5. Donkey of a man lol. Zohan could fix this.
  6. is this why you ignore all muslims on this site?
  7. Wow Luke, just wow. That passage is totally relevant to the proximate reasons behind the arabs attacking israel, such as: ethnic hatred, having nothing, and oh, the west unilaterally creating a jewish nation on arab land.
  8. Someday this will all make sense to you.
  9. is this why you ignore all muslims on this site?
  10. There's no muslims on this site, not possible, we've never had a forum suicide bombing...
  11. wrong, silvi00 was clearly a muslim
  12. But I'm pretty sure that Genesis has plenty of factual errors.

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  13. I guess what I�m saying is it's pretty clear the Jews aren't going anywhere. Breaking ceasefires and attacking Israel with rockets is always going to end up worse for than Palestinians than it is for the Israelis.
  14. i stopped caring about the palestines like 10 years ago already. they suck ass.
  15. This is true.

    Although its really awful killing near 300 in retaliation for 1.

    Just seems unfair.

  16. 300 or 1 is still a murder!
  17. Yeah ofcourse but just seems rough man.


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  18. They should just stop being assholes, really. This is ridiculous
  19. Unfortunately it's the only way the Palestine's will stop the rocket attacks. It's just the same cycle every 6 months.

    It's peaceful
    Palestinians launch rocket attacks into Israel
    Palestinians get beat down so bad they have no choice but to stop launching rocket attacks

    It's peaceful
    Palestinians launch rocket attacks into Israel
    Palestinians get beat down so bad they have no choice but to stop launching rocket attacks

    It's peaceful
    Palestinians launch rocket attacks into Israel
    Palestinians get beat down so bad they have no choice but to stop launching rocket attacks

    It's peaceful
    Palestinians launch rocket attacks into Israel
    Palestinians get beat down so bad they have no choice but to stop launching rocket attacks
  20. I'm against both parties right now.

    Oh well, hopefully in time. I hate these fights, makes me <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/sad.gif"></A><A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/sad.gif"></A><A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/sad.gif"></A>
  21. Seriously, I don't even care anymore.
  22. Retaliation is immoral even if it's 1:300, nevermind 300:1, but this isn't retaliation. Not all warfare is retaliation.
  23. Palestinians need to stop in-fighting. They use these attacks to generate anger and resentment which then leads to more volunteers to attack Israel. They need to strengthen their government by electing sensible people.

    Israel needs to understand that Palestine is under the same mindset as them. There is nowhere to run so they'll die to defend/reclaim/whatever. They need to genuinely want peace instead of empty promises.
  24. What is this?

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