Arash AF-10 Supercar Nearing Production

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    Arash AF-10 Supercar Nearing Production

    by Noah Joseph (RSS feed) — Nov 11th 2009 7:01PM

    You might have thought the car industry was going for smaller, more fuel-efficient and more affordable cars, but there are still plenty of wealthy customers out there with extra cash to burn. And they're looking for the next most exclusive exotic supercar they can get their hands on. Which is good news for Arash Farboud. The British entrepreneur started his own supercar-maker, then founded another one, and here's its first product: the Arash AF-10.

    As we reported around this time last year when the first photos and details began emerging, the Arash AF-10 is made almost entirely of carbon fiber. Its 7-liter, 550hp V8 engine is derived from the track-munching Corvette Z06. And it will cost over half a million dollars when it finally hits the market, target for next year. Arash says they'll only make 70 of them every year, and there's rumored to be an even more powerful 800hp version and a bonkers 1000hp variant on the way. We'd better start saving.
  2. well the Farboud GTS turned out to be actually not bad... so hopefully this turns out to be half decent.

    especially at that price

    they could have ripped off an enzo a bit less though
  3. Pretty cool looking car, I have a hard time getting excited about yet another 'exotic' powered by an LS series V8 though. Variety is the spice of life.
  4. Anyone else think the styling is Enzo-esque?
  5. everyone who still has use of their eyes
  6. Enzo-esque? that IS an Enzo, isn't it?
  8. nobody is going to pay 500k for an LS powered supercar, regardless of how awesome it is.
  9. They'll produce 70 a year eh?

    That's a lot of press cars.
  10. hahah
  11. Sounds like a Mosler with a Enzo body. Pass
  12. yeh the esque is pretty generous.

    looks like an enzo with camo.
  13. Lol I guess my post was a bit of an understatement :D
  14. The styling seems to be about as original as Keating TKR.
  15. ugh, i hate this car already.

    1. Stupid name - arash?! a. rash. Also, some guy who i went to school with was called arash, he was some half-persian little dick head. I picked up a used condom i found in the playground with a stick and threw it in his face, we had a fight, i got detention. Everyone used to say he had aids. True story.

    2. unimaginitive design

    3. boring engine

    4. stupid over the top power claims ala vector W8, SSC Aero, MG SV.. In fact this car reminds me a lot of the MG SV, carbon fibre bodied, stupid power claims, overpriced...
  16. You would think they could at least spring for an LS9.
  17. I wish it didn't look like a Enzo copy.
  18. Except 1000+ hp out of an LS motor is really VERY doable.
  19. yea i know <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/grin.gif"></A>
  20. I'm sorry but any supercar that uses an LS engine, or any American engine for that matter and costs over $200k automatically goes on my shit list
  21. You know what I think? I think that any car that isn't a Koenigsegg automatically goes on my shit list.
  22. I like the way you think
  23. Yah the rear looks very enzo.
  24. Shut up n00b
  25. so all Koenigseggs are on your shit list with their Ford engines?

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