Architecture of the 20th century

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  1. post modernism
  2. Jugend is probably my fav, I also like Art Deco. I HATE that ugly 70's office building style, whatever its called it should be banned.
  3. I dont even consider that a style, more a lack of style.

    But seriously its called brutalism if this is the type you mean:
  4. Art Deco can be pretty nice
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    I am not really sure how you came up with that list, the only 2 on that list i can say for sure is a catalogized architectural style is Art Deco and Post Modern

    This website has the correct architectural styles

    Here are currently a few styles you see in majority of North American Citys

    International(modernism) - The Segram Building by Meis Van der Rohe
    Post Modern - The A.T & T building by Philip Johnson
    Expressionist (rare cause expensive to building)- buildings of Frank Gerhy
    High-Tech - Any buildings from Norman Foster
  6. that is a grade 2 listed building. serioulsy.
  7. i call it soviet architecture.
  8. YEs. It's very depressing.
  9. grade 2?
  10. that list is pretty retarded but I an advocate of Deconstructivist architecture.
  11. although chicago school looks quite nice in chicago
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    The Jugend style is the same as Art Nouveau (dont say its not an architectural style).
    The National Romantic style probably never caught on in america since you dont have any history.
    The 1920s klassicism probably has another name aswell.
    International Style is Functionalism.
    Structuralism differs from Functionalism by being more flexible.
  13. Deconstructivism is not on the list because its not very common.
  14. no history. must be why my neighborhood is on a rather historic site and why my house is around the corner from a colonial plantation house.

    the real reason is probably that national romantic just doesnt look that good.
  15. Colonial times just arnt that long ago. The national romantic buildings built here often had interiors inspired by Viking ages.
  16. I prefer Jungend, but Art Deco is nice, too.
  17. that doesnt change anything. you dont tear down all your buildings that are 200 years old, so same thing.

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