Are all modern cars like this?

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  1. So a co-worker of mine was driving his car (XC60) to work when the belt to the servopump and generator snaped. Well I guess lots of warning lights when on. But he is one of those guys that thinks "as long as it's driveable I can continue". A couple of miles later the power was almost drained in the battery so when he was going of the highway on to a offramp it turned out he had no brakes and it was almost impossible to steer the car nearly missing a lorry. He had to put the feets hard down to the floor and use almost his whole bodyweight to be able to steer the car he was really lucky to get to the shop to get his car fixed with out crashing it.

    This is crazy, I mean I lost the servopump on my 1988 Citroen BX and still I had no problem steering and beaking. Is it really legal to have cars that get almost uncontroleble when the battery goes flat?
  2. Yes it's legal. It's also a bad idea to drive a car with electric power steering and electric brake boost if the alternator goes bang.
  3. Could'nt agree more that it's stupid to continue driving.

    But still, imagen what could happened if the alternator gone bang when he was doing 180kph as he usually do.
  4. What would have happened is evolution at work and someone else maybe dying, depending on the type of the road he was driving on.
  5. Am I going to have to be the guy to point out that at highway speeds the power steering (electric or hydraulic) really isn't doing much to decrease effort in the steering since the unassisted effort is quite light at those speeds anyway? If he was really struggling to turn the wheel he's either: a) incredibly weak to the point of medical intervention or b) going so slowly he really wasn't at much rick from any potential impact anyway.
  6. my '88 Volvo had a problem with the fuel pump relay which caused the car to stall while I was driving it, so no steering or brake boost

    I'd just put the car and neutral and, while coasting, crank until it (hopefully) started back up. Sometimes it would and sometimes it wouldn't

    wasn't a huge problem and my 16-year-old self could handle it
  7. those relays constantly go on those Volvos.
  8. Define servopump.

    If the generator/alternator goes out, you're going to have lots of problems because it cannot maintain proper voltage to the electrical system. It's not just a matter of "oh, the battery will keep me going at least until I get home". The alternator is what provides current and power to most of the electronics while the car is in use - the battery is mainly as a cranking assist for the starter when the car is off. There's no telling how far you can get or what different electronics are going to flake out when your electrical system is compromised. Unless the car was made before you I guess.
  9. yeah mine went on my 89 740 TIC
  10. I agree.
    There should be a law requiring cars to be driveable to safety even if the engine stops running.

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