Are the Beatles overrated?

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by maserati, Feb 21, 2009.

  1. No. They have a certain genius to him that people of my generation dont get. I know very few people that actually like the Beatles.

    I love Rocky Raccoon
  2. this
  3. Not at all, actually.

    People who say The Beatles are overrated are people who know nothing about them.
  4. They are.
  7. i don't listen to them but all the praise they receive and generate is perfectly just.
  8. They're the best band ever, so nah.
  9. I said it first.
  10. sup digorno
  11. hipsters and old people love them
    so yeah
  12. everyone who knows anything about anything loves them
  13. even i love the beatles
  14. unpossible

    you hate everything that is popular
  15. i ahte everything that is popular but shitty
  16. he hates everything that sucks and loves everything that is awesome
  18. I'm signed into the drunk crew but you can put it this way: there was a shitload of innovation in popular music in the 60's. it was virtually all by the beatles unless your name was james brown, bob dylan, or iggy pop or something. everything in music you like was inspired or infected by what the beatles did, or who the beatles in turn inspired. it makes no difference whether you like them or not, they are the most important band in history. on top of that they were insanely popular and artistic with their stuff at the same time the end
  19. Thats w00t.
  20. Good, but definitely overrated.
  21. Yup. Best band ever should be Led Zeppelin.
  22. they didn't even write a song gtfo
  23. Theres no "a little bit" option so I voted no. Pretty much what Phano said.
  24. Not even in the same realm.

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