Are the stats right?

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  1. I've got an 02 gtp and it seems a lil faster than that but i may be wrong, does anybody know for sure?
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    My uncle has an 02 Gandprix GT and it goes about 0-60 in 7.1-7.2 seconds so the stats are pretty close to being exact. Wait for the new Grand Prix GTX in 2004. 280horsepower, 280ft.lbs.of torque
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    I highly doubt it gets 7.1-7.2 seeming the GTP only gets 6.8.....This car is a lot of fun to drive, the massive torque of the engine really pulls you into your seat, and the superchargers whine in combination with the intake is music to my ears.
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    1/4 mile time?
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    My bro has a Grand Prix just like this, but his has a Supercharged V8.
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    braking distance in the 97 is 130' from 60.Mclaren F1=127'
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    supercharged V8? can you give me details? which engine, what supercharger, what supporting mods? I would really appreciate since I have one ... : )
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    I;ve been seeing times of 6.6 to 60... 6.8 is a lil slow... The GT does go a 7.1/7.2... Remember the gap isnt bigger because the gtp is heavier, and it is only 40hp
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    I have a 98 GTP and I the 0-60 times are between 6.6 to 6.8, 1/4 mile times are between 14.7-15.0. The Grand Prix GT does 0-60 in 7.8.
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    No the times for the car are actually inflated which is pretty rare. My buddy ran a 14.72 bone stock. Now with a 3.4" pulley, PCM, and intake it runs a 13.84. They are fast!
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    BTW, the gap between the GT and the GTP IS pretty significant. The GTP has 280 lbs of torque compared to the 220 of the GT and thats on top of the 40 horses.
    Just to let you know
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    Ive got a 98 GTP and have added some mods such as a 3.4" pulley, k&N cold air intake and a Borla catback exhaust system. The beast is pushing 310hp on the dyno, with the best run of 5.4 0-60.
    Factory 240hp
    Pulley 30hp
    Intake 15hp
    Exhaust 25hp

    Total 310 hp
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    what size v8 are you putting into a gtp? also, does anyone know where i can buy a brand new motor? the supercharger is new, so i just need the motor, and i can't find one anywhere...

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