Are there any cars that can beat this?

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  1. But comparing it to production cars is pointless if it is not one.

  2. 1)Ultima GTR
    2)Hennessey Viper 1000TT Twin Turbo
    3)Lingenfeilter 427TT

    Those are the only ones that I could think of. Sure they wont hang with this at the BS topspeed but they all could beat this thing in the 1/4mile and around the track.
  3. The only car on there that is excellent on a track is the Ultima.
  4. You say all these cars can beat this car in the 1/4 mile, and that they could beat this around the track. Do you know all the 1/4 mile times for these cars? I'm thinking that the CCR only does the 1/4 mile in under 10 seconds if it has slicks, maybe i'm wrong. I don't think that any of those cars can best this on the track except for maybe the Ultima.
  5. Uhm the lingenfelter did 0-60 in 1.9 Seconds on cheater slicks. And did the 1/4 in 8.9. And, Motor Trend tested it on a track with other tuner cars and it kicked their asses. Look it up.
  6. there is a lot of cars that would beat the aero's ass in everything except for top speed (if the estimated 273mph is true) i believe it when i see it!!!!

    there is just one thing i have to say about this, its an AMERICAN car, doesn't that say enough???

    everyone knows that american cars can't handle! and if this can handle, its because of that it has a lambo kitcar frame, (european car) and maybe european springs, or from japan! american cars are jokes, in my opinion, and i chare it with everyone i know!!!
  7. so you would turn this down if you were offered one???
  8. yes! except if the price were very low! in my eyes, this is a kitcar DIABLO (worse chassis than the original DIABLO) with a little larger engine and two huge turbos on it! i can build a car that is better, i promise! honestly!
  9. does it really have a lambo frame?
  10. ive heard from some on this site that it has a kitcar frame from a lambo, but if it would be an original lambo frame, it wouldn't be that good either!
  11. What do you mean, a "Lambo kit car frame"? Lamborghini hasn't made any kit cars has it?
  12. No, but a kitcar that would become a lambo... and it may be a diablo frame, original frame... but that frame still isn't that good... from a car that was built in the early 90:s! actually, this car looks a lot like a diablo when i think about it, like a clone of one, same doors, same size, as edgy in the front an back, as vulgar, and quite ugly if you ask me... but the diablo on the other hand is quite cool!
  13. I'm sorry I still don't understand but I don't understand it when you say "a kitcar that would become a lambo".
  14. if you take a lambo chassis and change the body its a kit car
  15. No, I'd take it, sell it, and buy a Zonda F ClubSport and a mid 90's Civic.
  16. but i ment a lambo kitcar, the chassi of it, not a real lambo, but a chassi from a kitcar... you can buy kits of kitcars that you build yourself you know... and the chassi that comes with it, that is what this car is, but ive just heard it, i dont know if its true, but this car looks a lot like a diablo though...
  17. Thank you.
  18. The koeniggsegg CCRX should be faster than it.
    Seeing as the CC8S hits 242mph with a frankly tiny 655bhp with over 1000Bhp it should easily smash that record,especially with less drag than the CC8S.

    A de-restricted veyron would probably hit 270-ish.
    The bristol fighter T de-restricted could hit 270-ish.
  19. hellllloooooooo hennessy viper 1100 horsepower (and its a production car) ... this car could take the bugatti any day and the CCX maybe the aero, the viper does 0-60 in 2.9 seconds however it has a later boost and does 0-100 in 5.9 ill bet that car does it in like... 7 or 8 im not sure the viper would win for sure but it would deffintally be a close race
  20. it should accelerate a lot better...
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    this is the link for the car that can do o-60 in 1 sec.
  22. Ok, I just can't stand it any more.

    This is the sort of car that I'm interested in, either kits or kits that have been adapted for production in low volume. This approach allows a lot more speed per dollar spent than "conventional" (if there is such a thing) supercars.

    Now, to separate the truth from the BS.

    This is based on an Ultima kit car, and based somewhat loosely. The builders got into this by way of their interest in the Silver State Rally, an unlimited speed rally over a nearly straight 90-mile road course in Nevada. It's been done at speeds of over 230 mph, by a converted NASCAR Nextel Cup car.

    270 mph is an interesting target for the Silver State rally, as that would allow one to travel the course in a nice round 20 minutes.

    The original plan was to build an Ultima, hot rod the hell out of the Chevy small block that chassis accepts, and set a record. Along the way, they found that the Ultima chassis simply would not safely and reliably accept enough horsepower to do the job.

    They ended up adding about 40 lbs of stiffening reinforcement to the Ultima frame (considering that my race car's bare chassis only weighs 104 lbs, 40 lbs of stiffening is a LOT on this sort of car). Building up a Chevy small block to these power levels is easy, as there's been more development work done in many, many different kinds of racing to the Chevy small block than to any other motor.

    Apparently, they've decided to share the fun and go into production. Why not? If I wasn't aware of a similar chassis that I liked better, I might be in the market for one of these things.

    As racers, they couldn't care beans about the styling, and I have to confess that I'd take form over function any day myself. If you hate the styling, blame's their bodywork for the most part.

    As for top speed, it's a simple V:<A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/tongue.gif"></A>^3 calculation, meaning the your top speed will be proportional to the cube of your horsepower. Got a car that'll do 100 mph with 100 hp? Well, to go 200 mph with the same car, you'll need 800 hp. (2^3=8) You can do the math as well as I can. This, of course, assume that you have the gearing to go that fast without overreving the engine, that you have enough grip from the driven tires to overcome the aero drag, etc.

    As for acceleration, it's power/weight, so long as you can find traction. It's pretty much impossible to do better than about a 2.8 second 0-60 time on DOT tires that have any significant cornering capability. You can shave off a half second or so with cheater slicks (DOT tires that provide performance in a straight line only). The 2200 hp car on the Top Gear show does not turn those 7.8 1/4 miles on street tires...I've never heard of a car in that hp class that could do anything near that. Anything that gets below 8.5 in the 1/4 on DOT tires is pretty studly. Hell, anything that can turn a 9.0 on real street tires is pretty stout!

    The figures turned with a 640-hp Ultima in the 0-100-0 pretty much speak for themselves...better than a McLaren F1, better than a Veyron. I'd be surprised if the 0-100-0 times for an 1100 hp Ultima would be any worse. Cornering capability is in the same class as those much more expensive cars, so you can see why I'm interested in this sort of thing. I can buy a BOATLOAD of track time with the difference between $100,000 and $1,000,000!
  23. no it would'nt. First of all Koeniggsegg cars are a dissapointment. The CCR with 806 bhp hits 242mph!! the CC8S hits around 225 mph!!
    the CCX did 245mph and has said to have 40 more horsepower than the CCR if it had Premium Octane Fuel.

    A un-restricted veyron would do 260's but not 270's and as for the bristol fighter T, I have no idea what that is...
  24. well, assuming you can consider this a production car, then you could compare it to the Bugatti Veyron and Dauer 962 LeMans, which would be pretty even competition. Though I would suspect that on a track the Dauer would work this, nothing against this, but the Dauer's body and suspension dynamics were designed for a specific purpose as a GT1 Race car, downforce being essential to cars of this calibur...

    Edit: oh, and Koenigsegg CCXR too
  25. Ok, but this would beat the Veyron on a track. The Veyron weighs more than 4,000 pounds.

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