Are there any cars that can beat this?

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  1. every car beats this
  2. your a worthless tool
  3. Let us not forget that the Veyron was beaten around the Nurburging by the $80,000 Nissan GT-R. By 11 seconds (7:29 to the Veyron's 7:40)! This would smoke the Veyron at the ring, on the dragstrip, and in top speed.

  4. yeah but they also have 7000 horsepower.
  5. yes u are right, however, this car cant be upgraded that much anymore and the performance is above hella good

    yes cars that get tuned will go faster but thats because they include nitrous oxide in them and shit like that
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    What would you say to this??? The '09 Nissan GTR does a 7:29.70sec lap around the Nordschleife, plus the '09 Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 does a 7:26.4sec lap around the 'ring as well. Here's what they're ahead of and behind:

    '09 Radical SR8LM 6:48

    '05 Radical SR8 6:55

    '09 Gumpert Apollo Sport 7:11.5

    '06 Donkervoort D8 370 RS 7:14.89

    '04 Donkervoort D8 RS 7:18.01

    '08 Dodge Viper SRT-10 ACR 7:22.1

    '08 Maserati MC12 7:24.29

    '07 Pagani Zonda F Clubsport 7:24.82

    '08 Ferrari Enzo 7:25.21

    '04 Porsche Carrera GT 7:28.71

    '08 Porsche 997 GT2 7:32.02

    '08 Koenigsegg CCX 7:33.6

    '05 Koenigsegg CCR 7:34

    '00 Jaguar XJ220 7:46.36

    OH...BTW, that's compared to the Bugatti 16/4 Veyron's Nordschliefe time of; 7:40sec., also ALL of the times that I've quoted are from this section of, here's where there located at;

    Now maybe I'm over exaggerating, but this vehicle probably could do a 7:20.0sec. lap to a 7:13.0sec. lap, (given the headwinds, track temp, ambient temp, tire pressure and tire compound, plus how good the driver is, as well of course.) So don't hate the playa just hate the game, MFC!!!

    Oh, if the ZR1 and the GTR could beat these and be near them, than its more than likely the Ultimate Aero TT can beat these as well, MFF!!!
  7. In all honesty, deep down you would be thinking ("holy sh*t, holy sh*t, this isn't real and is not happening right now, RIGHT?!?!"), especially if you where given the [email protected] keys to this machine.

    As what every comedian would have to say to you is, "stop lying to us, or at the very least stop lying to yourself, you inebriated drunken a$$monkey!! Its not healthy in anyway, 'dude'."

    Sorry the Irish just kicked in again, well I think everyone around here knows what that's like.

    But for me, I'd say thank you to whom ever gave me the keys to THIS.
  8. Nice...having no explanation AS TO why, every car beats this machine. So.....because you said so, we here have to take your word for it.....right, cablejockey?!?

    OH......FYI...the ONLY vehicle that can beat this car is the 1939 Daimler-Benz T80....OH...its Top Speed is 393.71mph and that's according Guinness World Records, which was tested on the brand spankin' new (at the time in, 1936) uberhighway (now called the Autobahn), so that's technically the ONLY car as of right now that would beat it, (that's if its ONLY straight-line comparisons.)

    OH.....that top speed was also done on essentially bicycle width tires!!
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    I couldn't agree more with ya bro.....Oh, just past my signature are 3 photos of the Bristol Fighter T...enjoy!!! Also, here's some specs from, Plus, a paragraph explaining the attributes about the Fighter T, also from the very same website as well.

    Bristol Fighter T Specs:

    * Wheelbase: 2,750 mm (108.3 in)[citation needed]
    * Length: 4,420 mm (174.0 in)
    * Width: 1,795 mm (70.7 in)
    * Height: 1,345 mm (53.0 in)
    * Top speed: 270+ mph (430+ km/h)
    * Maximum driver's height: 6 ft 7 in (2.0 m)
    * Fuel capacity: 105 litres

    "In 2006, Bristol announced the Fighter T, a turbocharged version of the Fighter with a modified V10 engine producing 1,012 bhp (755 kW) and 1,036 lb·ft (1,405 N·m) of torque at 4500 rpm. This also marking the first turbocharged petrol powered V10-powered production car. The Fighter T will also benefit from a drag coefficient of Cd 0.27 (improved from Cd 0.28 on the standard model). Bristol claim that the car is capable of more than 270 mph (430 km/h); however it will be electronically limited to a 'more than adequate' 225 mph (362 km/h). When the Fighter T went into production, it was more powerful than Bugatti Veyron, which has advertised 1,001 PS (736 kW), 987BHP, but still less powerful than the 2007 Shelby Super Cars (SSC) Ultimate Aero TT. The first production cars were delivered in September 2007."

    As to beating the SSC Ultimate Aero TT, I guess we'll have to wait see, after road and track tests of the Bristol Fighter T are officially conducted, but I'm not saying it won't or can as of RIGHT now, that is.

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