Are u happy with how your life is going?

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by SuperSonic, Mar 5, 2016.

  1. Life had its ups and downs, but ultimately I'm happy where I'm at. Nice job, about to get a new position with more money. Amazing girlfriend who is finishing pre-med and working on getting into med school. Every time Life gives me problems, I?realize it could be much worse. I could be Hemi and stuck with a bunch of ngr muzzies.
  2. Sweet that's a good outlook
  3. Right now? No.
  4. Veyronman would u like to share ur problems?
  5. How long have you got?

    In all seriousness though I've a similar view to ETB4U in that it could be much worse.
  6. If u share we may be able to suggest some solutions

    I think keeping a positive outlook is about appreciating all the things u have rather than
    What u don't

    Not looking to your past but just trying to enjoy the now.
  7. I'm happy that I can see, hear, taste, walk, feel, and drive. I wish I was still able to work, to exercise, and not feel like shit everyday. Someday though hopefully things will be different.
  8. Not really but I don't know why. I guess I'm having an early midlife crisis at 28.
  9. It's alright. I make pretty excellent money doing and seeing a lot of things a lot of people would love to be doing, but at the expense of being with friends and family for really long stretches of time, working hideous hours.

    But I can leave at any time, and it's setting up a decent future. Plus I'll get a sweet, sweet holiday come July(ish).

    tl;dr I drink a lot of really nice wine in foreign cities on the couch by myself.
  10. It's hard to forget the past
  11. have you tried Diamond Dallas Page Yoga?

    I've heard good things (seriously)
  12. Midlife crisis implies that you are worried by lack of achievement in different aspects of your life.

    I believe this could be caused by societies expectations or peer pressure.. The way I see it you should not compare yourself to others and should not feel stress about what you have or haven't done compared to others. You can do whatever u want to do.

  13. The past is to be learned from. It can't be changed so there's little point in feeling bad about it. Learn from your past mistakes or problems and be positive about now and the future and u will feel better.
  14. Thanks mate but don't worry about me. I'm used to it now.
  15. I did actually, didn't really help unfortunately
  16. yes except for the knee complications, life is all about making compromises otherwise you'll be unhappy a lot
  17. I believe that happiness breeds complacency, so I'll probably never be truly happy. Perhaps satisfied

    I'm pretty happy with as I get older, life tends to make more sense. I'm realizing how dumb I was when I was young, and how much bullshit I would needlessly put myself through. I have a friend that hates the prospect of getting old, but I couldn't be happier.

    Losing my hair SUCKS SO BAD tho
  18. haha u bald?
  19. Last year or two i noticed the line receeding. Now it's accelerating. Plenty of bald in my family too
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  22. Everything is going amazing in my life.
    I actually often feel bad about how good my life is. As in, you know when you're excited about something, and you want to tell everyone? Well I feel like that about so many aspects in my life, but I usually bite my tongue, because I'd hate to be know as the bragger... Especially when I know that a lot of my friends and family arent so happy in their lives at the moment.
    Life gets weird when you start to hit 30. A lot of people around with failed relationships, and people not knowing what they've done with a decade of working life behind them already.
    You gotta be on your toes with certain conversational topics.
  23. Yes! Thrilled even. I have a lot on my plate and some serious complications right now, but I am happy. Anything is possible for me at this moment.
    I used to dwell in the past, be overwhelmed by regret, but the place that I am at now, has made the journey all worth it. I still have things I wish I had done differently, things I long to correct, but I have to accept I can't. Just as I can't predict the future. So I am opting to make the present the best it can possibly be, seize the opportunities I can, and really enjoy it.
    "Happiness is equilibrium. Shift your weight" - Tom Stoppard
  24. Like any SS thread.

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