Are we dead yet?

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by TOXA, Nov 18, 2015.

  1. Feels like traffic here is at an all time low, even compared to ~six months ago.
  2. Not quite dead yet
  3. Death rattle, I'd say.
  4. Never!
  5. i reckon it will just stay like this for the rest of our lives till we all die
  6. I hope it's not dead yet. I just got here, lol.
  7. This site probably peaked about 10 years ago but there's still few of us who post pretty regularly. The only page that gets any real traffic is General Chat
  8. don't worry we have lurkers
  9. only the strongest posters survived

    Soon it will just be Lazy Kid and NB (though he never posts so my theory is shit now)
  10. i still wanna be struggling to post images when im stangmans age, in 2083
  11. I feel like anyone who bothered to post here with any regularity will still pop in occasionally. If only once every couple years, but still.
  12. Sanka ya dead? Ya mon.
  13. yo sup
  14. 't was a nice era though, of misc messageboards that aren't connected to social networks
  15. theory revived !!
  16. I just came to check if the lights were still on
  17. we even left the disco ball rotating
  18. I'll be well gone in that year.
  19. Yeah, this.

    I've signed up to a few of the more ubiquitous sites over the last couple of years but I can't get into posting regularly so I just lurk on them. They just feel so impersonal to me, and I've found you rarely talk to the same people from one day to the next.

    A somewhat ring-fenced place like this had an appeal because whilst we were a pretty busy page at one point there was still a core of regular daily posters whom you could get to know over time. It feels like that part of the "social" internet experience has been lost with the advent of massive networks like FB, Reddit etc.
  20. Hello!
  21. I'm still around from time to time. My computer remembers my login, and I'll stop in to see what yall up to.
  22. sweet , what interesting things have been occupying your mind these days.

  23. I check this forum a couple times a day, just lurking.
  24. I moved to Portland to give Wheelman more reasons to call me a hipster. Finished with school after a successful defense, and now I'm working down here makin yalls microchips smaller. Bought a nice house "way up in the west hills" and I'm getting married next summer. Times are well. How are you?

    Note: These are the previous owner's photos. We have slightly less Baroque tastes.

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  25. ha

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