Are we dead yet?

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  1. also the only time I've ever seen a Veyron, I thought of Dodge Vipers; I also know for a fact that Corvettes are difficult to handle because drivers are simply unable to cope with how shit the interiors are.

  2. I accidentally offended a friend of mine with that Corvette interior thing, he actually bought one and seemed not to have ever heard of such.
  3. Lol.

    Sounds like he didn't look at a Porsche before buying the 'Vette. He'd see what a nice interior is like, then.
  4. yeah people in the real world dont give a shit about our dogma

  5. or a corolla
  6. lih
  7. Hey!!!! #$%# you! Fanboy! Bang for buck! And what not!
  8. american cars suck
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  10. Rich became admin or something for a Ferrari related website about a month ago. Visited that page, but turned out to still be blank lol. Forgot the name, maybe Stangman remembers...
  11. Interesting stuff though. Curious if this place with all it's posts and attachments can be saved/rehabilitated.

    You know what I'd like, amongst other things, drag and drop uploading of batches of pics. I used to make big threads/posts with 100's or 1000's of pics, but it was all uploaded 1 by 1. That was really annoying and stopped me from uploading more.

    Now, I'm personally a bit over the car obsessed phase (only thing I still do is photograph myself and the Brunei thing (40k files lol)), but I wouldn't mind to upload cool stuff once in while. Still have hundreds of thousands of decade old pics saved somehwere.
  12. It's called Ferrarism.
  13. lol did they even check his references before making him admin somewhere else

    what a #$%# knuckle
  14. to be fair he did provide content. if his new site doesnt have a forum or has a working one...

  15. on another note, for how much does a site like this change hands?
  16. 6 pints of moonshine, a candy bar, and 4 rolls of toilet paper.
  17. It doesn't look like the site has a forum, unless I'm missing something
  18. Damn, must visit soon.
  19. Damn, must visit soon.
  20. Woah, just getting caught up on this thread. There should be a function where you can find the source of a quote.

    Admin: I have been visiting the Chicago Auto Show using credentials for the past 7 years, at first I would send the pics to Richard, now I just do it for fun. If you want the pics this year, email me. Leo.fliman AT gmail dawt com.
  21. Wait, they don't laugh at you when you say you're with SC.Net? Or, do they let you in so they can?
  22. That would require them to know what is lol
  23. The people on the door couldn't give a shit who you "work" for. As long as you've got a pass.

    press days are so much better than public days. loads quieter
  24. Still no change to the website. I'm betting that Admin is still old Admin and just wanted to give us a proper #$%# with.

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