are you damn americans ever going to grow up?

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    Well obviously a civic sedan isn't made to race at all. Just like u won't all of a sudden buy a corolla and then modify it and race a ferrari. No doubt american cars are innovative. Every car maker is innovative in its own way. Basically, Japanese are good at improving on what other people have invented. This is also why Japanese cars dont have much character. But isn't that a good thing too? You get sophisticated technologies without spending a lot of money.

    Whenever the Japanese decide to make a world-class machine, nothing can stop them. The European might take 20 years to do so, the American might say impossible from the very beginning, the Japanese do it in one night - in fact, a lot of nobody-know sleepless nights. They are hardworking, serious and care about details. This explain why they build the world’s most reliable cars. The English don’t know what quality is. The Italian ignore quality. The German talk about quality. Only the Japanese carry out quality.

    Look at the Skyline GTR, introduced in 1989 i believe, and i already got computer-control multi-plate clutch 4-wheel drive and computer 4-wheel steering which implement the most adequate understeering / oversteering.

    Because you live in North America, you might think that corvette and viper are legendary. But to the Japanese, Skyline, NSX, Evo, WRx....all of these are legendary to them too. And if you go to europe, people there might not even know what a corvette is.

    Here are just 2 examples of how fast Japanese cars are. I have a lot more.

    7:56 in NSX-R at Nurburgring. Yea it's not as fast as the newest C6 corvette. But this car was introduced way back in 2001 as a 2002 model. That's 5 years ago. And the car is based a design from 1990. We should praise its ability to match Porsche 911 GT3's lap time. Btw, the driver is over 60 years old and he was a professional Japanese driver.

    JDM sedans vs other cars. All drivers are professional here and their skills are equal.
  2. Hey, look; Not all Americans are like that! I, for one think that it's rather dumb to compare a Tuner with a Stock model, or a Tuner with an Exotic! There is a car-the Corvette Sledgehammer, it runs 255 in 5th overdrive. Then there's this guy comparing his Tuner Dodge Neon (which has 812 bhp)to this supercar and saying he could beat it! What an idiot! The Sledgehammer has 898 bhp on the dyno- and can make more, if neccesary. My point is, Tuners and Exotics and Stock models shouldn't be compared to different styles of car. Stock with Stock, Exotic with Exotic, and Tuner with Tuner. (BTW, if Callaway Corp. had made the Sledgehammer with a Carbonfiber body, it would be about three times as fast!)
  3. wow, my head just asploded
  4. Because, with Carbonfiber, a car can do 750 mph with ease.

    I tried it with a Geo Metro, 300 mph no problem.
  5. Amerikan cars are shit. Look at the Impala and the crovette.
  6. I'm so glad ricers don't post in the main forums much anymore. That used to suck back in the day.
  7. I thought I deleted this thread.
  8. I love password please in all of these threads, the most halarious comparisons are made.

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