Are you jumping on the bandwagon?

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Veyronman, Nov 8, 2015.

  1. Movember

    I am because a moustache is the only sort of facial hair I can successfully grow (sort of)

    There needs to be a month where people grow out their neck beards. I'd win that one.
  2. nope. I refuse to go more than two days without shaving.
  4. I have a muslim beard, if that counts

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  5. You're so hip

    You should grow a Fu Manchu
  6. or one of those biker moustaches.

    beard kinda has to come off though, flying next week and my passport photo is without a beard lol
  7. Yeah for now, I dont usually last more than a couple weeks.
  8. haven't been clean shaven in about 8 years and don't think i will be ever again, and you kinda have to to start movembr
  9. I had a hard time taking anything you said before seriously. Now that I know you look like a scruffy crackhead I'm definitely never taking anything you say seriously again.
    Politics my ass
  10. Would that really stop you some places? Definitely wouldn't here.

    And I've had a big bushy beard for a long while now. Not going to shave it down to a stache.
  11. i don't know really. better safe than sorry
  12. you drive a truck, so your opinion is irrelevant anyway.
  13. no. mustaches are for turks indians mexicans and wheelman
  14. No, I can't grow much facial hair.

    I have the skin of a baby.
  16. Actually it's worse. I have a car, a truck and a motorcycle. I also sport an abraham lincoln beard. So my decision making skills may be questionable
  17. Nah. I had a beard going already and I didn't want to shave it all off.
  18. so many hip people with beards

    in a few years beards will be so passé
  19. had facial hair all year. just shaved
  20. several articles online have indicated we may be reaching 'peak beard'
  21. Hah. I don't know why but the phrase "peak beard" made me laugh a fair bit.

    I'd believe it. It seems like beards must be in the majority now. Surely it's not fashionable if *everyone* is doing it?
  22. nope
    here it does not have a good reputation because we dont have a clear understanding of where the funds go and how they are used so its loosing lots of popularity
  23. its not really fashionable. men used to always have beards, until the 60's came and feminism made men feminine pansies, luckily we men recovered. the beard is here to stay. it's not a fad.

  24. I'm not convinced.
  25. never giving up my 5mm trim

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