Are you still amazed at the GT-R?

Discussion in 'Asian Forums' started by PandaBeat, May 23, 2010.

  1. Actually it does everything for you
  2. it is everything i want
    everything i need
    it says all the right things
    at exactly the right time
    but it means nothing to me
    and i dont
  3. I'm sorry that you drive a Focus.
  4. One of the best sportscars ever made
  5. because it doesn't have a shift knob that you can caress and fondle at red lights, a knob that you can grip in your soft meaty paws, rocking it through the gate and squeezing it like a lemon until the juice runs
  6. maybe thats it
    the juice
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    much better.

    added bonus, a 911 turbo as a daily driver does not require a pricey engine out service every year.
  8. yeah but a 911T does require taste
    unlike godzillla
  9. still amazed at the GT-R? hmm well i thought it was awesome when it first came out but since it's been a while (i'm fickle) and i've been given time to summon up as much backlash as i can for it, i can say that in hindsight i was blinded by nissans outrageous performance claims as well as `the hype`
    i'll give it 2 stars because it's a playstation that drives itself no talent required to drive well and so on
  10. nah. a porsche is a staple playboy car. being iconic comes with the drawbacks.
  11. gtr is hecka tired
  12. They don't have the same build quality as a Porsche of comparable price but I still like them quite a bit. I'm still not sold on the looks though.
  13. every man and his dog has a 911 turbo
  14. clarkson sprained his neck driving it i mean come on
  15. still love it. would def buy one in black if i had the money.
  17. Yeah, pretty much this. I admire the work, and the achievement, but the car just does not appeal to me at all.
  18. not really. don't get me wrong, its a great car, im just not that amazed by it and never was. The thing that bugs me is that it is to damn big. I was behind one a few months ago and the top of my car was pretty much at the door handles. If it was smaller then id prolly love the thing, but it is just to big and bulking looking for my tastes. great car though.
  19. haters gon hate
  20. You just don't like it because it eat Corvette's crap king for breakfast.
  22. never was, too boring and dull for me. I also love how it still couldn't touch the Ksegg with all that power.
  23. Z34 w/bolt-on mods: GT-R killer. And a lot more fun as well.
  24. i love the new GTR R35, but the R34 was as good as a car can be.
  25. Those cars have V8 truck engines in them. Not sure how they are even legal in GT racing. And they look about as tall as a mini van compared to all the other GT1 cars, lol.

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