Are you still amazed at the GT-R?

Discussion in 'Asian Forums' started by PandaBeat, May 23, 2010.

  1. Great car, and nice to look at. Personally I would never consider purchasing one.
  2. I respect it for sure. But would I buy one? Really depends on the situation. If I could only afford one car in its price range, the GT-R would be very far down my list. If, however, I had enough money to buy a bunch of expensive cars I want, I think I would have a GT-R as my daily driver.
  3. might have something to do with it being such a good all around car. Doesnt the new one do 60mph in under 3 seconds with the PDK? Say what you will about 6spd mrgh, I want a car that can break every speed limit in my area in under 3 seconds.
  4. POS

    /end of all talks about GTR\
  5. If anything, it showed that most supercars are overpriced & overrated.
  6. With half the power lol
  7. Imagine if Nissan decided the GTR was going to be pushing 2800lbs with 1000hp...Bye Bye LOLsegg.
  8. you do realize that was an 800bhp GTR against an 806bhp Ksegg
  9. ksegg cant even race, at least the gtr races in FIA races
  10. The GT-R is one of the most overrated supercars of all time.
  11. I am not amazed at the performance, really never was, because of how computerized everything was. However, one that left an impact on me was how comfortable it felt just sitting behind the wheel.
  12. n00b
  13. n00b
  14. yes because these two cars should be compared
  15. why does it matter that so much is computerized? dont give me this "its passionless" "takes people out of it" bullshit.
  16. How is that bullshit? Exaggerated, yes, but it's a legitimate criticism and a good reason not to like the car.
  17. with AWD, 4 seats and a level of handling that the Ksegg can only dream about.
  18. Exactly. Great car, but hate the weight and looks.

    Above all cars right now I'd love to own the Rossion. Saw a couple at Sebring and fell in love. I don't care if it is not as fast or practical as the GTR. It is lighter and 10x's sexier.
  19. nai......, never mind
  20. When you look at the Nissan GT-R for what it is, honestly if you're not impressed/amazed then you're mentally retarded.
  21. I am not all over it anymore because I saw like 1 billion of them. BUT I am still impressed by the tuned one I see at the ring. The noise that those things make is ungodly, they walk over a 997 GT2 in term of Db ...
  22. It does some things electronically (and you can still turn off the stability system and end up ass backward in the ditch like any other car), but it's still rewarding to drive and demands interaction from the driver to perform at its best. Can't ask for much more than that.
    Other cars may be considered more involving but only because their faults force you to make up for their shortcomings, while the GT-R eggs you on to push harder and harder. Most come away thrilled that they can generate such cornering speeds.

    I'm not really amazed at the GT-R. I'm somewhat amazed that it took this long (and for Nissan of all marques) to put this all together. I mean, Audi has been sitting on dual-clutch technology for years, plus AWD.
  23. Its built to stay stock. I bet these 1000hp tuner versions make the handling dynamics comparable to a 1995 gtr.

    They should of designed it so cutting a hole behind the gas pedal, a boost controller, and exhaust braught it up to 1200hp. And all the electronics were tuned for that and some lowering springs would bring it up to being stable at whatever top speed 1200hp could achieve. I thought this was going to be the best toy to play with both on the track and in the garage. I guess its a challenge in the garrage, but i bet you throw off all perfectness. Maybe GReddy and there big bucks could improve on it correctly.
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  25. I agree.

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