Argh!!! Stop with the concepts damn it!!!

Discussion in '2000 Pontiac Firebird MMS 421 Concept' started by SLP CamaroSS, Mar 20, 2003.

  1. Is it THAT difficult to produce a monster??? The Europeans have no problem putting out 600 hp. cars for production, right? Damn it, lets get the American car line to do the same!!!!!
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    The reason no american car companies have 600 horsepower V-8s is because almost all of them (except for Caddilac) still use OHV instead of OHC or
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    yea i could of seen this car been made in MASSIVE production beacuse this thing is nice the power and torque are almost even i see alot of streetability and track use in this car
  4. 100% agree

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