Arrested: Ratko Mladic

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  1. ofcourse it wasn't, but it happened. a man who is responsible for the killing of thousands of people is evil and should be locked up, no matter what way you look at it.
  2. but citroen isnt saying just locked up
    hes thinking he should be hung like a horse
  3. its funny that he posted that Time article about lynching and seemed so shocked by it. what a dink
  4. It's a big difference being hanged as punishment for a crime and being hanged for the colour of your skin.
    But I guess that's a little hard to understand for some people.
  5. Have you seen footages of executions ?

    You can put those images in any context you want.
    They still murdered 8000 men with AK47's in 8 days.

    How on earth people care so much about their neighbours when they live in such a beautiful place.
  6. Yay one stop closer to unification into the EU lol. Why is the Hague tribunal mainly a court that tries Serbian war-criminals, where are all the Croat and Bosnian killers? I guess they didn't exist because war is simply a good and bad side right?
  7. The winners writes the history, So the history of wars will always be one sided.

    And that is so wrong.
  8. Exactly what I was saying, those people were victimized, while the Serbs are the big bad wolf.

    What the heck @ "winners write history" analogy lol
  9. i think i saw that analogy when i was playin MW2 last night
    words of wisdom from a vidya game
  10. kill the bastard with a 50bmg incendiary round, it will make him suffer as much as he has made suffered innocent civilians.
  11. what about oric?
  12. .50BMG make not anyone suffer long maybe.
  13. It was a bad situation and everyone did something wrong, Albanians, Serbs, even NATO.

    Consider this:

    The huge migration of Mexicans to the US (~75% of Hispanics in the US) cluster in say, California (since it's got the heaviest population). They want Spanish to become an official language in that state, schools to have a Spanish stream, and more representation in government. White flight occurs, so the Mexicans dominate the south and everyone else moves north. The south, now predominantly Mexican, wants to become it's own state so it can have more political influence in the union. That's roughly what happened in the decades before Kosovo wanted independence.

    At this point, a tough decision had to be made. Either give them independence, with the suspicion that they may merge with Mexico and have Mexico basically annex part of the US through mass immigration, or don't give them independence and deal with the political rammifications. Serbs saw Kosovo independence as Albania annexing Kosovo and forcing the Serbs out, and decided it wasn't an option.

    What happened in Kosovo was that they didn't just turn down the call for independence, they took over the government, got rid of the Albanian language from government services, and removed a lot of the Albanians from powerful government positions. This was too harsh, they should've worked harder to try to figure out a deal where Kosovo could retain both an Albanian and Serb population with roughly equal political clout. The Albanian immigrants obviously felt oppressed by this Serb takeover and escalated with violence, and it became a back and forth. The Serbs had more military muscle so they were obviously getting the better of this civil war, and got a bit too aggressive due to the how polarized the mood had become. NATO then intervened when they probably shouldn't have, since it didn't directly involve any NATO members, since they felt Serbia was going too far with their aggression, and were maybe nervous due to the history of Serbian conflict triggering a world war.

    Once civil war broke out, perhaps deporting prisoners to Albania would've been better than executing them, then using the military to secure the Kosovo border and keep Albanians from coming back. It would've been bloody and messy too, but maybe fewer people would've died and Serbia would've been able to keep Kosovo. Ideally, war should've been avoided with some sort of political solution that would have kept parallel Albanian and Serbian school systems and split the political power of Kosovo between them.

    Albanians should've tried to integrate more, Serbians should've tried to compromise more and not be so aggressive, and NATO should've intervened in a more focused way instead of seemingly making up a strategy as they went along, causing too much collatoral damage.
  15. Well california was originally a part of Mexico and what happened was the opposite, yanks from the north came and took it over. Maybe its time to give it back.
  16. lol ya let mexico be in charge
    theyre doing such a good job, californians are hopping the border to get in!!
  17. They come to work I cant see whats wrong with that. Just as eastern europeans go to western europe to work. Just open the borders.
  18. put your own nation to work first, then import neighbours. way too many jobless dipshits here, while eastern europeans do a job what they could've done as well.

    dey tuuwk yurr jawb! durr
  19. Well, the problem is you weren't saying anything, just disagreeing with their punishment. They did commit genocide.

    Forgive us, its so hard to accept genocide. Maybe it wouldn't be that bad if that Hitler guy hadn't taken it too far, right?
  20. I bow to you.
  21. The eastern europeans do jobs that wouldnt have been done otherwise. A polish carpenter is much cheaper than a swedish one and therefor opens up a new market. They dont take our jobs they take the jobs that swedes are to stuck up to do themselves.
  22. yeah, but there should be no option for a jobless person. you either take the job or you don't get the welfare check. simple.
  23. Yeah, but if you are a spoiled brat supported by your parents you dont care about welfare.
  24. Are you trying to say the Mexicans are doing jobs that jobless Americans wouldn't do? Research Operation Wetback. Let the facts speak for themselves.
  25. im not spoiled sir.

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