Artwork by Michiel van den Brink

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  2. That's some impressive piece of work! I really like the way he used Ferrari classics' details on his projects
  3. I simply LOVE the first one (pics #1 & 2), but the other two are just meh.
  4. yep the first one is INCREDIBLE!
  5. Those are ALL awesome
  6. if they only made the first one. that would be so #$%#ing awesome.
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  8. first Pshop of the enzo/330 P4 thing that i actually like
  9. Awesome, I love them. Keep it coming :D

    Really like that Shooting Brake 612 as well...
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  11. you should go working for ferrari. i love those designs. keep up the good work.
  12. awesome. Another great artist on scn. welcome.
  13. love the mugello, great throwback details

    ps: for those of you who don't know, this guy used to work for spyker if i'm not mistaken
  14. is he the guy working on that new type of boat project?
  15. awesome designs, and color schemes too
  16. No, I'm not.
    That is my predecessor Maarten de Bruijn, the man who developed the first Spyker C8, C8 Laviolette and Double 12.

    I'm almost ashamed to say that I've worked on the SSUV D12 Peking-to-Paris.
    I left Spyker before that car was presented at Geneva...

    I work freelance now and I'm also working on a boat, but that project is not public yet.
  17. Oh come on, the Peking to Paris is pretty damn awesome... Hope all goes well for you working freelance. Are you getting a lot of offers, or just coming up with ideas at random?
  18. The 612 Shooting Brake is a great design, it's very likely the Sultan of Brunei will try to create this sort of car, hopefully it will look like this.
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  20. very nice, thanks!

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