As for why I'm posting less

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  1. I should post the pics I took on my phone, really.
  2. I forgot I had that as my avatar. They need to hurry up and air the last season.
  3. Best of wishes and be well. You disappeared from Facebook, too.
  4. Have you ever questioned you heterosexuality. Just curious, not being "mean"
  5. Best wishes Robert! Stay safe!
  6. Other people do that a lot more for me than I do, haha. Pretty sure I'm straight.
  7. I mean, you have had EVERY opportunity to take advantage of me in the past.

    tbh I'm quite offended
  8. We slept in the same bed!

  9. I can kinda relate. The thing that keeps me in check is realizing that as sucky as I think my life is, I look at myself and realize that my worst days are someone best days.

    I'm also not much of a socialite either. Whenever I do come out of my cave I am the life of the party, but this happens about once every five years. Most of my life is spent working...

    ...I find if I'm working and being told what to do and have something on the go at all times, I don't have the time to be depressed. I find on my days off, I struggle to get things done because I'm interested in everything, and can't focus on one thing at a time.

    Only advice I have (i know, from me, lol) ... KEEP BUSY.
  10. humblebrag, lol.
  11. Oh you are also a little bit autistic

    Let's establish a mutual support group maybe

    Killing shallow people with a shotgun helps

    I'm going to Moscow to watch MAKS in the end of Aug. And Kubinka tenk museum as well if they let me in

    Wanna meet up? I can't speak soviet and I don't know anything about Moskva so I need a guide

  12. So did you kill that guy or what
  13. tuch bum?
  15. That's nice that that works for you
  16. you #%!@ed at me I took up too much space in the bed! <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/grin.gif"></A>
  17. diagonal sleeping ftw
  18. you could've sneaked off my sofa too, for that matter
  19. I don't really want to kill anyone

    Would love to meet up, but as it stands (intense therapy, not a lotsalot of cash, etc) it doesn't seem I'll be going anywhere soon. Good thing about Moscow nowadays is that English becoming less and less uncommon.

    Also go to the war museum (both the indoor and outdoor section) of Park Pobeda, by the way <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/smile.gif"></A> it's easy to find, as the metro station has the same name.
  20. Aw poo

    If I drink too much vodak to forget my loneliness and get murder-raped by a Chechen gang I will hold you responsible

    And I'm even poorer than you because all my money went on guns that went to the police


    I will also accept instructions by email

  21. Nee

    I was responsible like Moo said I should be

    He would be a good mother

  22. omglol+1
  23. Pussy
  24. Yes I agree.

    But then again, the place where they put criminally insane people in Eastern Finland has bad catering I have heard.


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